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    havesomeseichel, I’m sorry, but you are woefully misinformed. The ACLU rarely takes criminal cases except when they feel an important constitutional issue is involved.

    I’m glad you’re not opposed to the right to counsel; it’s a constitutional right.


    Sorry. I stand corrected.

    But technically, I was thinking about it, the ACLU should be taking the cases (instead of fighting against them) of all the gun-rights promoters, such as DC. v. Heller ect.But they are too open-minded and their brains have fallen out. =)

    A website states that the ACLU does not take cases such as:

    “Criminal cases or complaints about a person?s attorney in a criminal case — the ACLU considers accepting criminal cases only in limited instances, such as, for example, when a person is being prosecuted for engaging in activity protected by the Constitution – such as participating in a political demonstration or where the statute or ordinance under which the person is charged is subject to constitutional attack.”

    They also made statements about “civil liberties” and if the case is about civil liberties being denied, they may take your case as well.

    So my right to carry is a constitutional issue, so sayeth the second amendment. It also deals with civil liberties being infringed upon. so why wont the ACLU help? =)


    The ACLU decides its priorities based on input from its members. If a lot of Second Amendment supporter were to join up, it would probably be more active in that area. But the posters are correct when they note that it rarely intervenes in criminal cases; it doesn’t really have expertise in criminal trials and/or appeals.

Viewing 3 posts - 151 through 153 (of 153 total)
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