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    It would solve the Brexit mess and make one great nation all in one swoop.

    Alternatively, England can become the 51st while Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (should they accede) can become the 52nd, 53rd and 54th states, respectively.


    No thanks. We kicked them out a long time ago.

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    That would be horrible

    They would probably vote democrat ☹️


    They are 4 hours closer by air to NY than Hawaii


    CA: I’d only worry about Scotland in that regard. The other three countries, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, are fairly conservative. And Scotland’s population is tiny in comparison to England.

    1: Bygones are bygones. We’ve had a Special Relationship for over a century now. It’s time to take it to its next natural level.


    1. Britain is hardly going to give up its unique monarchy and constitution. A more like future change would be Britain (or pehaps just England, if Scotland and Northern Ireland want to stay European) joining NAFTA (USMC trade group).

    2. Politically, the British are significantly to the left of the Americans, at least on economic and social matters. They also have far fewer civil rights. Also note that if the whole the UK joined the USA, they would get 1 in 6 House seats and radically tip the country to the left. Their Tories are for the most part similar to Democrats, with their Labor party significantly to the left for the USA Democrats.


    America should certainly demand the Brits drop the upright accent as a condition of entry.


    Erm… I think that you fundamentally misunderstand when Brexit is about.
    Is Brits are not looking for another stab at giving up our sovereignty, another attempt at allowing mass migration, etc etc etc.
    Least of all switching the Queen for…


    If we want to expand the boundaries of the country, why not offer EY statehood first. Lots of Israelis already have U.S. citizenship and we could double the number of yidden overnight. I think the Brits would find more in common with our neighbors to the North (who want to build their own wall along the Northern Border to keep us out).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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