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    should countries start sending in troops-not just a few armoured vehicles and never stopping speeches.


    Ukraine is a highly antisemitic country. They’re infamous for the Cossacks that murdered Yidden. Tach V’Tat. And during the Holocaust they helped the Nazis annihilate Jews.

    Even today they revere and honor those antisemites who murdered thousands of Jews, with statues, holidays, parades and celebrations.


    *pulls out popcorn*


    Ukraine has a Jewish president. At this point it would be hard to argue that either Russia or Ukraine is more, or less, anti-semitic. Suggesting that foreign policy is based on something that happened in the Cossack rebellion 350 years is ridiculous. From a Jewish perspective, we should be strongly be encouraging a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

    From an American perspective, if the US (which guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial integrity in return for their giving up nuclear weapons, a promise made under Clinton, and dishonored under Obama) tolerates Russian conquest of Ukraine,they will be inviting Russian attempts to take over other countries in Eastern Europe. As was shown in the 1930s, appeasing bullies just encourages them.

    Given that the US under Biden is cutting back its military resources, the US will have less and less influence, which will be bad for Jews since over the century, it has been the Americans who have been critical in defeating anti-Jewish forces (the Nazis, the Communists, and now the more radical Muslims). A situation in which the United States is militarily weak, and no longer committed to support freedom abroad, will be “bad for the Jews”.


    in 1974 Britain and the us made a deal with Ukraine to help, if Ukraine get rid of their nuked. if America and England don’t show a strong presence why should Iran, Syria and north Korea even think about getting rid of theirs.
    also if Russia can easily overtake Ukraine it will embolden them to carry on further and further west-leading to ww3.

    ☕️coffee addict

    This is just my hypothesis

    I think Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are working together to trap the United States


    I don’t think long history is important for current politics, as long as we realistically remember that any country can turn against us at some point. Ukraine is definitely a current frontier against totalitarians and need to be supported. Russians chose the moment well: a defeatist Pres of USA with a weak team; new government in Germany even less anti-Russian than previous; outsider President of Ukraine; middle of winter with expensive gas and frozen marshes… Why did Hashem put a Jewish comedian in charge of that country at this moment? I guess we will find out later on whom the joke is.


    It’s always bad news when a Jew is running the show in politics.


    The Ukraine is an artificial country created by the communists. Prior to the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, it was never an independent country. It was always, essentially, part of the same country as Russia. It was effectively first created as a separate legal entity after the Russian revolution in 1917 when the communists created for their own political purposes.

    Furthermore, Crimea has been part of Russia for hundreds of years from the time of Catherine. It was only transferred on paper, since it made virtually no legal difference, from Russia to Ukraine in the 1970s by the Ukrainian dictator of the USSR, Krushekov.

    And in 2014 Obama and Hillary supported and assisted the violent coup d’etat against the democratically elected President of Ukraine, replacing him with an anti-Russian government.

    America and NATO have no interest in protecting the Ukrainian government.


    ujm, you seem to be reading from a Soviet textbook, maybe absorbed through some American academics. Ukraine actually was a country for a short period in about 1918. Before Russia, it was Poland and Austro-Hungary. Jews went there on their own having an opportunity to work the estates as representatives of Polish nobles. Crimea used to be Tatar, even after it became Russian. Soviets exiled them all (most died on the way) around WW2 somewhere. One reason Turkey is supporting Ukrainians.

    A simple point is that country borders were internationally recognized after USSR dissolved on their own. If Russia can claim Crimea, then Germany can claim Danzig from Poland and Kaliningrad from Russia; Poland – Vilno from Lita; Sweden – Petersburg from Russia; and Mongols – the rest of Russia.

    All of Europe seemingly learned to live in a modern world without fighting each other, Russia and Belorussia are the only holdouts.

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