Should frum yidden remove all plants from the home during the month of december?

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    Given the heresy that many non-frum yidden engage in during the month of december, hannukah bushes especially come to mind, should a frum jew make sure to remove all plants from their home to avoid issues with the maris ayin. Unless a neighbour or friend come to believe that the home is no longer kosher and the family has gone OTD?

    anonymous Jew

    I’m concerned that if this is your worry, you’ve gone off the deep end.

    pro geshmake yidden

    Well my rav holds that if the plant is live we’re machmir but if it’s fake you can hide it under the floorboards and retrieve it on January 2nd
    I know of a family in boro park who will hide your plant in their home for a small fee


    We have a big cactus plant originally grown in EY on which we hang drawings of how we visualize our favorite CR posters. There is a special decoration on the top of the cactus for our very own Reb Yosef (not to be confused with the other “reb Joseph” from the goiyeshe X’mas story.


    I’m afraid that if I remove all the plants, my neighbors will think that I think that they’ll think that something’s wrong, and they’ll think I must be hiding something if I’m so concerned about their opinions.

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    Who says you’re allowed to have indoor plants to begin with?


    I have never heard of such a chumra.


    Iy is not the goyim’s minhag to place live plants in their houses. THEY PUT DEAD TREES in their houses. I don’t know of any fum Yidden with dead fir trees in their houses.

    yaakov doe

    Sounds like a chumra we should all accept. Anyone who isn’t accepting this chumra interested in taking 83 thriving cannabis plants for the holiday season?


    I may have to change my chodesh Kislev cactus minhag. I just made a quick trip over to the home depot for furnace filters and at the checkout there was BIG display of what were advertised as “X’Mas Cactuses” (which look nothing like a real cactus) in addition to the usual Poinsettias. While its obviously not going to be confused for a conical shaped evergreen with cute little reindeer and tzelems hanging from its branches, I’ve been advised by a chashuvah posek that there is an equally big inyan of maris ayin in connection with a feaux X’mas Cactus.
    Also, while we’re on the subject of the “yom tovim”, don’t forget to make your dinner reservations at your locall glatt Chinese restaurant for ניטל נאַכט‎.


    Assuming the poster is serious (I hope not), why would it be ma’aris ayin? Goyim decorate a tree or hang a wreat or does that translate to regular plants sitting in your house all year round?


    Completely unrelated, but I really wish theyeshivaworld “coffee room” would have a “like” button for comments so one can express they agree with one or more posters (or disagree if you add a “dislike” button) without having to otherwise repeat one side or viewpoint again. I believe if would show a clearer picture of where the collective thought of the group is on a particular subject.


    Totally maras ayin. Another good idea is to not allow any eggs in your house during the spring or people might think you celebrate Easter.


    Flatbusher: Perhaps you and the OP are talking by one another. I think most would agree that keeping the sad looking spider plant on the window sill (that looks half dead) is not a concern BUT that a yid hanging “cute little reindeers and tzelems” from the branches of the big jade plant sitting on the old shtender in the corner of the living room has created an issue of maris ayin and should consult with his/her LRP prior to engaging in such holiday décor.


    Interjection: Certain sephardeshe groups use ostrich eggs during chodesh Nissan to avoid any confusion. Have you ever wondered why sephardeshe seder plates have such a big placeholder for the beitzah??

    Reb Eliezer

    If you want a real maris ayin, lighting a menorah oil or candles inside and placing an electric menorah in the window.

    Belev Echad

    Alizgitt i TOTALLY agree about the like button. Ive mentioned that before, even started a thread about it once…not sure why they dont add one

    This way people actually have to resort to taking an extra moment and using kind words to support other’s posts and ideas. Dying concept worth keeping alive.

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