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    Just to present another side, at my work place, which for the most part employs frum Jews we all refer to each other by first name. We are “family-like” I guess. But there is a young woman my age who works with and I only refer to her as “Ms. LastName” when I’m about to say something vaguely unprofessional. If everyone at the office refers to each other by first name, don’t stick out. It’ll bring more attention to yourself, which is attracting and not attractive.


    Veltz M had a really good idea. However, it would be kind of awkward for most people – I’d have to learn to respond to another name. But I really like the idea of maybe picking an English name that was easier for others to pronounce and using it professionally.


    Picking an english sounding name is ok, especially if you name is something like Chana

    The asians do it all the time


    @N.G. What in the world are you talking about?


    You should never change your name to an English name Chas vicholila.


    @ hardatwork. I was just a little bored. But I meant that you were wrong the CR has nice people.


    You are right about that. What you surely realize as well is that centuries ago, and even decades ago, it was not common for Jewish women to “

    Respectfully, Golfer, I believe you are mistaken. Women went out to sell their wares in the market place, and did business with all types of people including men, all the time.

    I would slso make the point that just because someone refers to someone as Mrs. that does not automatically mean there is no hanky panky going on, or thoughts of same. Anyone ever see The Graduate?


    So, at the interview, the interviewer introduced him/herself, and said good morning “name on top of resume” and you said?



    Just want to mention that if, for whatever reason, you don’t end up insisting on being called “Miss/Mrs” it would still be a very good idea that at least YOU don’t call the guys by their first name. They’ll pick up on this, and possibly start addressing you more formally as well.

    Good luck on making the right decision.


    Whenever I’ve spoken to someone at a call center in India, they tell me their name is something like Jennifer or Sean. That’s along the lines of what Veltz said.

    Oomis, don’t forget that Steed always referred to Emma as Mrs. Peel.

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 60 total)
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