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    Just Another Yid

    As I go further and further down the rabbit hole of getting my BA in psychology, the tendrils of self-doubt start tickling my ‘where-will-I-be-in-20-years’ spine. Am I ruining myself for wanting to become a therapist? any therapists on here to help me out?
    How much money is there in it?
    Is it easy?
    How long before I can support a family?
    Will I regret doing it in 10 years?

    Thank you in advance,
    Just Another Yid

    Sam Klein

    What is the secret to success in business? A person came to me for some חיזוק (encouragement). He told me he was a Rebbe & was not having a lot of Hatzlacha with his students. He then asked me if i had any advice for him. I then told him don’t be a rebbe for the $40,000 paycheck, do it for the sake of Hashem (not for the sake of money)& then you are guaranteed to be successful by Hashem Himself. He got back to me a few weeks later & told me he was doing much better B”H based on that now he was doing his job from a complete different perspective. This can apply to ANY livelihood. (ex. 1) A contractor-if you build a house with the intention for a Jewish family to move in & raise a jewish family then you are guaranteed success from Hashem. 2)A plumber- before you came to your customers house there was a mess & a lot of screaming with Shalom Bayis problems. But now you fixed the bathroom & there’s peace in the house) Bottom line: When a person does his job for the sake of Hashem then he is guaranteed success & he still gets the same paycheck.

    In your situation to becoming a professional psychologist or therapist don’t focus on the job and money for each patient but focus on helping people return back to a happy life from the current situation they are coming to you for help now and then you are guaranteed success directly from Hashem in your job.

    I wish you lots of Hatzlacha in your future livelihood to support your family directly from Hashem as long as you remember that in truth and honesty all your livelihood is actually coming DIRECTLY FROM HASHEM and Hashem is just sending them as messengers middlemen to help support your family and pay your bills.

    A psychologist myself


    I think you should focus on different yeshiva learning styles or keyboard styles, those questions are general rather the specific to you.

    Ari Knobler

    It is not a rabbit hole. You are getting an education. Nothing worthwhile is easy, from earning a degree and licensure to losing weight or becoming successful in business.

    Yes, you can make a nice living as a therapist, and you don’t necessarily need a doctorate to be one. LCSWs who practice to the maximum earn over 100k per annum. Of course, you can parlay your earnings by investing wisely and make much more money than that. Classically, psychologists (PhDs or PsyDs) earn more than LCSWs, while psychiatrists (MDs or DOs) make a king’s ransom.

    However, to become a psychiatrist, you’d have to be willing (and able) to get into medical school and schvitz for four years, plus another four years of residency and possibly another two years for a fellowship. Along the way, you will need to pass a host of board exams. So, in order to become a psychiatrist, we’re talking about ten solid years of blood, sweat and tears, give or take. (The path to becoming a psychologist is fairly coextensive.) But if earning a half-million to a million dollars a year as a therapist is your object, that’s what you have to do. No offense, but your tentativeness and impatience indicate that medical school or a PhD may not be in your future.

    That being said, while nothing worthwhile is easy, there are far easier ways to become wealthy. There is a Harvard graduate I heard about who drove a truck for a few years while investing his earnings in growth stocks and became a millionaire.

    Rabbi Troll

    If you’re posting on an online forum like this one and actually taking it seriously then you definitely should NOT become a therapist maybe you should see one

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