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    Seriously, should I cut a humor video/album?

    I have no real interest in doing frum comedy for money. I have a business struggling though it may be right now like we all are, but I don’t want to compete with those who do this for parnosso if there is indeed money to be made in this. In any case I can’t perform live where I am located and it would hardly pay for me to travel to perform anywhere if I even could pull it off.

    What I really want to do is to cut a video or disk that would be distributed mainly for bikur choilim by Chai Lifeline or Mekimi, but I wonder if my subject matter is a little too cynical for such a purpose. My other character is Ribbi Ishak Arnoona, a parody of a street kid turned “rav” who uses all kinds of scare tactics to get people to do tshuva, mainly so that they donate to him to avoid Geeheenooom, which is where they drink “Arakoonoomika,” a blend of arak and chlorine bleach that cleanses one of all “avayroot” because it both burns and bleaches neshama and guf. That one is in Ivrit and I released a test last Adar but didn’t have the right equipment or the time to record it at home.

    If it isn’t right for me to go professional the best I could do is to go on YouTube around Purim time, in disguise and under my “Reb Gimpel Pashkvilkemacher” pseudonym which I would probably use anyway.

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