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    Shopping613 🌠

    Someone posted this today:

    Attention Miss Shopping613- I feel that I must address you in the name of everyone else in the CR. We all see your incessant posts and we feel you hang out in the CR too much. That’s why the topics are boring to you because the CR is meant to briefly check into every couple days or so, just to see whats happening. You, on the other hand practically live here.

    So please, find something to do and don’t check the CR every 5 minutes, and please don’t post unless you have something original, humorous, and appropriately mature, that other people would appreciate reading.

    All the best to you. On behalf of the entire CR.

    If i didnt post so often would you actually read my posts??? Am i addicted to the CR???? Is thrre such a thing as posting to much?????

    I’m thinking of leaving, if nobody wants me around. I’d just like to know is this ^ why you dont want me here????


    Despite the above quoted post, “the entire CR” does not feel that way.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I do read your posts and don’t want you to leave. I don’t think you post too much– maybe sometimes you post the same thing twice, but it’s really not a big deal at all. Please don’t think that we are all ignoring you or that we don’t like you. I do not pretend to know whether you are or aren’t addicted to the CR; that’s really between you and Hashem. If you really think you have a problem, then I wish you well. Otherwise, please don’t let a few insensitive comments dictate how you run your life.


    Whoever posted that most definitely does not speak on behalf of the rest of us. The CR is meant to be used however and whenever you would like to use it. And even if you do post an abnormal amount, that’s your business alone. If you feel that you don’t like it here, or that it’s a complete waste of time, you should definitely stop posting. But don’t do it because someone bullied you into leaving. And stam, I don’t think you post as much as people think you do. You just produce a high volume of posts in a small period of time every day, which gives off the impression that you post very frequently.

    What I would suggest, though: if you are bored with the CR, instead of posting about how boring it is, search through the old threads to find something interesting to bump or think of a fun topic to start yourself. That’s a lot more productive, and won’t irritate people.


    I honestly don’t do not agree with the poster that posted that. I don’t think that you post too much, and I am definitely not a part of that small group of people who wants you to leave.


    Whoever wrote that nasty comment has no actual authority, and cannot speak “on behalf of the cr.” They’re probably just looking for attention, or feel like starting a machlokes around here, or maybe stam a troll.

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