should jews become pilots becaese off all the dangers involved

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    should jews become pilots as a hobby. I don’t mean flying as passengers.


    Flying a plane as a pilot is exactly the same safe as being a passenger in a plane.


    What danger exists that it should compel me to become a pilot?

    The Wolf


    Actually I am in middle of training and it is perfectly safe if you follow proper procedures

    If you pay attention to details of the crashes you will notice lack of proper maintainance is usually at fault

    Aldo old planes maintainance and inspection schedulesshould be more rigorous

    And when human fault is to blame it’s no different than driving a car

    And bottom line hashem really runs the world so as long as you dont do something dangerous such as run across a highway hashem is watching you and anything that happens is bashert

    Little Froggie

    It’s too dangerous down here? No – I don’t think so… Try it out. You may actually even enjoy it (living here in the planet “Earth”)

    Maybe your question to us esteemed members of the CR was: Could or may one become a pilot in face of some dangers involved in flying. And I’ll answer that too. Iv’e tried that too. No, not dangerous at all – if you know what you’re doing and follow proper procedures…


    then why does one say hagomel after flying?


    But the truth is, according to statistics from the United States government, flying on a plane on average is overwhelmingly safer than driving a car. … That comes out to be 1.13 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, and nearly 11 people for every 100,000 U.S. residents.
    So basically we should send our kids to school via plane because it is significantly safer.


    You dont say hagomel unless you cross a ocean or midbar


    And bottom line hashem really runs the world so as long as you dont do something dangerous such as run across a highway…

    …or miss an oil change on your private plane…


    if you say hagomel after flying on a leisure trip you should not fly

    in a brilliant teshuvah in which he permitted secular studies in israel over 120 years ago, rav dovid karliner, who forbade secular studies in russia, argued that if we want a state we must have frum jews as doctors, lawyers, accountants, scientists, etc. forsome reason thisteshuvah, that reads like it was written yesterday, is rarely quoted by chareidim


    I did multiple flying lessons and did not bench final since I did not cross an ocean


    I may be wrong, but those plane statistics are for commercial airliners only.
    Small private planes & helicopter crashes are quite frequent and might even be under reported.
    You won’t get me on the small planes.


    “then why does one say hagomel after flying?”

    I don’t understand this question.
    Are you under the impression that you can’t put yourself in a situation that would require hagomel afterwards?


    ZionGate –
    You’re correct that private planes have a more frequent rate than commercial, but you’re not correct that they happen “quite frequently.”

    You’re also incorrect that they’re underreported (at least to any significant degree). Not sure how you think anyone would avoid reporting an accident like that. Airplane mechanics document everything, and significant I jury or death is obviously documented.

    More importantly, the vast majority of the accidents are due to errors (either during flight or preflight) that are somewhat negligent. What that means is that if something c”v does happen, it’s usually the fault of the pilot. That’s unlike driving a car where a person can be a very safe driver, but is often at the mercy of another irresponsible driver. That doesn’t happen often in the air.

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