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    Why is everyone so against locks? If you don’t want them online don’t put a computer in their room-Problem solved,or you can take off their locks and have them resent it, and then find other ways to do their “bad” things (e.g. When your not home). Personally I would have either left home or put a lock on myself if my parents didn’t allow me to have a lock.


    it is very easy to get onto the internet without an actual computer in your room. just buy an ipod touch or something of the sort.


    It’s also very easy to sneak an iPod touch out of the house to another wifi spot.


    that is very true. and sad. ok, im changing my philosophy. hows this- we teach people to overcome their yetzer hara. im going to think this over, ive got a few uncompleted thoughts to sleep over.


    Make sure you lock your door when you sleep it over.


    what’s-in-a-name – we didn’t have locks on any of the rooms upstairs (apart from the bathroom obviously) when I was growing up. I didn’t feel like I needed it, my privacy was respected and once my younger brother grew up enough to understand that barging in was wrong, I never experienced anyone in my family coming in without permission.

    My own house also has no locks on any of the bedroom doors, nor do I plan to put any in.


    Of course not. Children may resemble people, but they have no right to privacy. In fact, they should get dressed in the hallways.


    it all boils down to basic TRUST…after all teenagers will have access to watevr/howvr and you have to give them the tools during those years to make their decisions….privacy is essential for a growing teenager and a child (under 11)needs it too but you have more leeway in no locks and stuff like that.

    from Long Island

    I am a strong proponent of privacy. That said, there are many issues to take into account.

    I will not use locks because of danger. I will use hooks & eyes (both inside and outside) for privacy sake. The child uses the hook when they do not want to be disturbed and also uses the hook on the outside (up high) to keep nosy or exploring toddlers from entering.

    The problem comes up when children share a room, rules need to set up between the roomates on how/when to use the interior hook.

    Knocking and then entering is unacceptable in my book. You have no right to enter JUST because you announced your presence. Often, knocking opens a poorly latched door, thus the need for the hook.

    Teenagers are a whole other story. In my home, my children were required to leave their door open when they leave and could close them when home. They never locked the doors because we never, ever entered without verbal permission, even when we had to wait for them to answer. I believe locks are never needed (except for the parents room) if everyone is taught, from childhood, to respect privacy.

    Also, the rule was no hooks in or out after bedtime.


    Children, unlike people, have no need or privacy or for their possessions to remain intact.

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 60 total)
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