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    Grey matter

    (The following is a serious substantive point.I am not trolling. I am attempting to make my convictions known by means of satire.)

    Well should they? Think about it. parents often to seem to be afraid of their kids. They seek their approval.They want to be the cool parents. The parents that act you and know how to have fun. In America parents increasingly view them selves as their kids friends. They ask their children to call them by their first names. Meanwhile there is much kids can benefit from their parents. Parents have cars and credit cards. They can book hotels and right late notes to principals. It seems children have both the leverage and motivation to intimidate their parents. Perhaps one might argue it is natural even appropriate for kids to intimidate their parents. What do you think?

    Undercove Bachur

    Simple ההלכה לכבד את אביך ואת אמך


    no negativity intended, just the honest truth.

    very sad where the young parents of today’s generation versus our parents i.e. the parents of last generation, they are the grandparents of today’s generation. the way our young parents of todays generation are raising our children is far from the proper way to be mechanech a frum torah family. raising our children with the fanciest toys & technologies starting from as young as 8 or even younger, giving in to our children’s demands versus last generation when we respected our parents & kindly asked for something we wanted hoping they will allow us to have it & get it for us. oohhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo those days are over our children are making endless demand, but our neighbor has this toy or went on this vacation etc…. & spoiling our children with unlimited unnecessary things that do not belong in the book of “the proper ways of being mechanach our frum children of a torah family”

    Sure we need to spend lots of time with our children & give them lots of TLC so they are happy but theres a limit when we are pushing it & going too far with putting at risk the mitzva of raising our children the proper frum way. “Better safe then sorry” with the proper way then learn C”V THE HARD WAY for spoiling them & giving into them so much as they head down the derech into kids at risk C”V its not worth it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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