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    Is there a basis in halacha for the oldest son of a Rov or Rebbe to inherit his father’s position? And does halacha differntiate between a b’chor and an eldest son who has an older sister? If there are no sons, does a son-in-law have a claim? And what are the exceptions to the rule, if any?

    (All of the above assumes there is no will specifying a succesor.)

    When there are conflicts among children as to who will inherit the position (and there is no disputed will), how can a younger son claim to inherit before his older brother?


    The Satmar brothers chose civil court to resolve their inheritance issuea


    I feel like it’s a Mefurash Gemara that a son should never inherit Rabbanus by virtue of being the son.


    Sam, it is a machlokes Ramo and Chasam Sofer.


    Does anyone know the difference between (i) a fine wrist watch and (ii) the position of a rebbe? I have no issue with passing on a watch by inheritance, but the responsibility for the education and spiritual well-being of the Jewish people seems like something that should be selected by means other than accidents of birth.


    The Rema and Avnei Nezer disagree with you, and say it is inherited. Even the Chasam Sofer (OC 13) says it is inherited if the Rov is also a communal leader in addition to his rabbinic position.


    they believe its not an accident at birth. these people arent retareded, they believe that from the way Hashem caused the order of the children being born, that who He thinks should take over.


    hopefully the child that knows he is destined to be the next Rebbe will be raised with a sense of responsibility, like in a dynasty. however there have been times when the eldest son was not suitable for whatever reason and a different son took over, its really that simple (hopefully).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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