Should one with a cold attend services in shul?

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    Only with a tissue.


    It depends on the severity but as a general rule I would say no they shouldn’t I used to work in an office with many mothers when a child of theirs was released from school because of illness often the coworkers brought their children to work which i found very insulting the school released the child because they did not want the illness to spread to others why did these mothers not show the same care for their coworkers.


    Goq, kids catch illness from each other much faster than adults do


    Adults can catch illness from kids too, It’s not my fault they cant afford a babysitter why should my health be sacrificed for that?


    GOQ: It’s not just about affording a babysitter.

    She may not have a babysitter she’s comfortable with at all; her child, if older will likely not want one & her babysitter may not want a sick child either, especially if she has other children in her care.

    Under NYC’s new sick leave laws, the employer may need to pick up the tab for missed work if she chooses to stay home to take care of her sick child (it’s a numbers game, hence the MAY).

    Question is, how well would your old workplace have run if mothers were constantly taking sick leave? How would the employer react? It’s all about balancing responsibilities and very often there are no easy answers.

    That said, no sane mother will take a very sick or contagious child to work with her; and sometimes taking basic precautionary measures to avoid spreading infection are good enough.

    Also, you don’t know the risks of catching typical colds and flu viruses in your current position as a cashier since you have almost no idea as to health of your customers and the money etc. you handle.

    So try to stay safe, but keep things in perspective. Germs are everywhere yet we usually thwart them off just fine and our immune systems become strengthened from the infections we do fight.

    Have a healthy winter!


    Mammele, very good points!

    Yes, with tissues. But don’t put the tissues on the table, under your Siddur…


    And if you leave it in a cup, throw out the cup.



    Two years ago, my wife came out of our bedroom one Shabbat morning to find me sitting in the living room. She asked me why I was still home, instead of being in shule. I told her that if I were someone else, I wouldn’t want to sit next to me in shule. I sounded (and felt) terrible, so I took the day off.


    My ingenious theory is that if I’m off of work on sick leave, it is my duty to spread said sickness to all others so they may get off of work as well. Apparently not everyone is as thoughtful as I am…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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