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    In all fairness, Trump’s policies (what he actually does) are not so radical. He turned into an almost neo-con (sad for those who thought he was an isolationist, but that’ s Putin’s problem). Most everything he has done has precedents among the presidents of the last 40 years. However his twittering is what is getting him in trouble. A smartphone, which forces short statements without a chance to edit or to think what you are saying, is what is getting him into trouble. A benefit of a kosher phone is that it doesn’t support twitter. So should one conclude that the many hareidi rabbanim who have opposed smartphones, and supported kosher phones, are, from a purely object, secular perspective, CORRECT.


    Yes, indeed.


    no cause actually his twittering is letting every US citizen know the truth of what is going on in the FAKE NEWS media & how much of what they are saying is really lies & what the real truth is (what he post) & sadly he needs to post so many times daily cause if he would leave even one event untwittered of his opinion of what really happened then the FAKE MEDIA would make it into a big story filled with lies to put a bad name & get more people to dislike trump & go against him AS IS THE FAKE MEDIA’S MAIN AGENDA TODAY since he won the election over 7 months ago, cause they were pain to support clinton & are now still being paid by democrats-who will never admit that they lost & move on in life-to go Anti-trump…. “Kesef ya’ana es Hakol YES MONEY TALKS” & the fake media is getting gelt to write against trump

    a proud trump supporter

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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