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    I appreciate all of the posts today reminding us of that awful day that will live forever in infamy. I,of course want to remember the kedoshim that gave their lives that day, But as frum Jews, should we commemorate the day itself of 9/11 or the Hebrew date that this calamity occurred? (i dont even know when that was) and that is part and parcel of the problem. The Hebrew date has signifigance but we haven’t ever commemorated it to look deeper into what it might be telling us. curious about your thoughts on this….



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    chaf gimmel elul (a month exactly to the day that R Pam was niftar)


    As frum Jews, should we commemorate the Hebrew or the Gregorian date of December 7, Pearl Harbor Day?

    Sam Klein

    actually the day of 9/11 is a sad & a day of mourning in both worlds.

    in the physical world-WE are in-you should mourn the loss of over 3000 lives R”L while:

    in the spiritual perspective you need to face reality & ask yourself:

    do you know why 9/11 happened? i.e. every tragedy that occurs in klal yisroel has a wake-up message STRAIGHT from Hashem. do you know what the message of 9/11 is?


    A phone might fall and press 111 by mistake.


    you get 51 days from Tisha b’Ov thru Rosh haShono.

    Should we commemorate 9/11 Absolutely!! I wore my WTC this past Thursday, and shall be wearing it again this coming Thursday. I personally witnessed the 2nd plane ram into the 2nd WTC, and simply cannot get this horrifying image out of my mind.

    I recently was at Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville PA, and it alos left a profound mark on me, having visited this sight.

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