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    squeak – lol – seriously, I hate wearing clothing with the brand name or logo on it. Why should I advertise their product when I’m not even getting paid 😉


    Joseph: I was thinking the same thing!

    veimloachshuv: u sure? it looks like your spelling!

    False veimloachshuv: How Dare you!!! Impersonating a fellow YWN member?

    There should be consequences!!!



    I recently learned that they are selling (in our comunity) childrens clothing made someplace in China of genuine junk, with with a imitation Lacoste aligator stiched on (not to mention its upside down),now i think to this we can all agree is meshuga,are we realy trying to impress our neighbor that our 3yr. old little shmendric is wearing Lacoste? (please dont tell me its put on because it looks “cute” with an aligator, unless you have a pet aligator at home).

    beinhasdorim- i hear your lomdus, however i disagree,because the reason “es shpiled zich besser” or “intimidates the oilem” is because one is machshuv the name on the shirt which is Lo se’choneim.

    Joseph-thanks for being dan lcaf z’chus, may the ribono shel olam be dan you and the rest of klall yisroel l’caf z’chus as well.


    I am not a name-brand type of person. Prada bags do not impress me, Calvin Klein, Yves St. Laurent, and yes, shirts with little alligators on them, do not give me a thrill. As long as the clothing is attractive, clean, and flattering to its wearer, I care very little for its origins. People should not go into debt to outfit their children. The first time my son came home from Yeshivah informing me he wanted a pair of Caraviccis (sp?), I informed HIM that he could earn the money himself to buy the pants, but if not, it was either secondhand or not at all. He got the message. Tried to earn the money, saw that the pants were way more expensive than he anticipated, and understood what it meant for his parents to spend money on him for clothing.


    NOTICE: the following statement should not be read during seder,

    and cannot be considered as part of “Kevius Ittim”

    It is also not recommended for women (unless you attended an accredited Seminary which-curriculum included Gemarah B’chavrusot)

    Veimloachshuv: although your Lomdus has potential

    your Amkus in nonexistent,

    the “Shpielt Zich Besser” S’voroh

    may have roots in Loy Se’choneim

    however the “Intimidates the Oilem” S’voroh is flawless

    the chisoron is in the Oilem’s intimidation, whatever their reason

    the player taking advantage of this, is not in any way based in

    giving Chein to the Goyim on his part.

    I hope you are capable of being “Makir” & “Modeh Al Ho’Emes”


    The Orchos Tzaddikim states quite clearly in shaar ha’anavah that one should dress in nice but anonymous clothing. If you stick out like a sore thumb, even if in rags, that is not modest. If everyone is dressing stylishly, then you aren’t sticking out by dressing stylishly.


    whats the question? MITTER HaT IN MITTER RECKEL


    Start with clean and neatly pressed pants and shirt and don’t worry about logos. By the time you catch up with the “style de jeur”, the goiyeshe fashionistas will have changed it anyway.

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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