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    Today when I came to work a co worker came in after falling on the ice. An hour later he was in the emergency room!!! There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for all the homeowners who are not putting salt outside their homes!If you are away make sure someone is taking care of it for you!!! This is really PIKUACH NEFESH!!!

    If you pass your neighborxs house and its slippery, DO A MITZVAH knock on their door and tell them to put salt!!! MAYBE the embarresment will teach them!!

    FAD UP

    thats right in not only that if you to walk on the street never mind @ night when the cars cant see but @ day time when you all the slush still on the road in the cars speed thru in your coat gets all dirty!!!


    You can get a HEFTY fine for failure to shovel and salt, within 4 hours of the snow stopping(exception- the middle of the night).


    I was out on Monday and slipped on a sheet of black-ice. I banged my head real hard. B”H nothing serious, but, it got me scared! My head really hurt for a coupla days.


    My last incident with ice involved me getting 27 stiches!

    …to get there!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Sounds familiar.


    Why did it take you 27 stitches to get there? 🙂

    not telling

    It’s crazy!! People must shovel their walk-ways!


    My very good friend’s oldest sister was crossing the street to get to her car where her husband & kids were waiting for her & she fell really badly on the black ice. Well, her family who was in the car didn’t realize right away that she had fallen & was on the floor until a passerby knocked on her husband’s door pointing out to him that someone was on the floor. When he came out of the car, he saw his wife on the floor & when he realized that she could in no way get up from the floor due to the excrutiating pain that she was in, he had no choice but to call Hatzolah. She was taken to the emergency rm. & after taking the necessary tests, they told her the horrible news that she broken/cracked her heel & yesterday she had surgery on her heel. My friend told me today that her sister is in lots of pain.


    ice is so scary.. which leads me to this.. why is it that everyone gets nervouse when the sidewalks r icey but i am the only person in the world who is afraid to put lil razors on my feet and throw myself onto a huge ring (rink?) with no support and millions of skaters whizzing by at 50mph..???


    Not only might you get a fine, but possibly sued. I overheard a lady, on the street talking real loud today, while she walking very carefully on the ice, in front of some houses who did not take care of the sidewalk, and she was going on and on, how, people don’t shovel, and she knows a real good lawyer, and she has her camera in her bag, to take pictures, if she falls. So if the $100.00 fine doesn’t scare you, maybe a lawsuit will.


    my neighbor fell on the ice, she broke her foot, she has a cast, the landlord got scared offered and did pay the doctors expense,including the cost of the cast.yes everyone out there tenent,landlords, and neighbors, watch those sidewalks,and those driveways.especially those precious chidrens and adults lives.




    Really a serious issue!!!!

    My father landed flat on his back!

    (B”h wasn’t serious)


    i live in a basement of a two family house. i salt MY area. the people above me are so lazy they have yet to salt the walkway. they only did their stairs. countless times i would salt but then i realiazed id have to keep buying mroe and i said i dont even own so why should i. then the neighbor who uses our driveway alwayas parks in a way that we can never get into our apartment thru the driveway and its all icy and they dont anythign abt it either.


    <—- pregnant and walking on ice.

    My options are walk on the sidewalk which is much more slippery or walk on the street. If I fall on the street, its dark and I’ll get run over.

    I know most of the people who don’t shovel or salt. I think I’m going to mention it to them. But it makes for very awkward situations, especially since many of them go to my shul.


    a neighbor of mine got a ticket for not shoveling. i hope all those that dont shovel get tickets. i dont have the guts, but i keep on planning to call the city every time i pass a non shoveled house.


    Someone I know commented, “Attn NY: Please salt your sidewalks, they taste bland when I fall.”

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