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    There’s one thing we keep forgetting. It’s true we have a heat wave. But the whole idea of having it is to pray to Hashem so that it ends.

    I’ll start. Please Hashem. We’re getting ready for Shabbos today and tomorrow. Please make it at least 10 degrees cooler so that we don’t end up with a brown out and so that our elderly don’t suffer and so that we can not only get properly ready for Shabbos but also that we are joyous on Shabbos.

    Thank You in advance.

    Your hopefully Eved Hashem,


    Eizena Kup

    Thank you Ovedes HaShaem.

    I too am mispalel for a quick end to this displeasure.

    I wonder why MODs didn’t put this in the ‘Sticky’ area. If it’s not sticky, what is?


    Jews are known to stick together in the hot and humid weather.

    basket of radishes

    I have no intent to pray for better weather. This is mother nature.




    I agree with radishes. It is summer. It is hot. Are you surprised? Is it not out of the ordinary.


    “I agree with radishes. It is summer. It is hot. Are you surprised? Is it not out of the ordinary. “

    I agree, but we can still daven that nobody is hurt in this heat wave (As of yesterday there was more then 20 people dead in the south from this heat wave).


    I can daven for that. I can also check on my elderly neighbors and relations.

    I did not mean to sound fliipant. Extreme heat, such as we’re having in the northeast USA now is the deadliest of all weather. It kills many times more people than hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards combined and should be respected as we respect other natural killers.


    I recqll reading an article about mortality during a long summer heatwave in Chicago a few years back. A large portion of the deaths were elderly men, living alone, already somewhat infirm.


    There was a major heat wave a few years ago in France, and there was more then 10,000 people dead, mostly alderly people who were left in the hot city alone while there kids were vacationing in the contryside.


    I’m in Montreal and it’s the hottest I remember…I feel like opening up a fire hydrant and running through it

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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