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    How is a shpitzel different than a tichel?


    You don’t expect anyone in this CR to know that, do you?

    Brooklyn Yenta

    a tichel is just a kercheif. a shpitzel is a whole contraption.


    I think a shpitzel is used if your of the Hasidim variation. It kind of looks like a dinner tablecloth wrapped on your head.

    The other one goes on top of the wig or in place of it.

    I think I have no idea what I am talking about. Im going to sleep.


    a tichel is like a kerchief, just something to cover your head most litvish/yeshivish women wear one of some sort, however a shpitzel is worn only by chassidish or maybe yerushalmi women, it is a peice of shaitel that sticks out in the front from under a tichel so that it could look like there is some hair going on there…. looks as if she is wearing a full shaitel, but the hair is really only in the front like by the bangs area… hope this helps!!!


    I think the biggest difference is who it is worn by. They are essentially both replacing a shaitel.



    a shpitzel is either with a tichel or with a hat the main thing is that the bangs in the front aren’t hair its silk


    i think the shpitzel has a bunch of puffy filler in it too


    what are u ppl talking about, isn’t a shpitzel the turban like thing? made outta towel type cloth?

    I went to visit someone once in sea gate, at the kimpenturen place, which had 99 percent chassidish ppl, and 4 litvish ladies ( one of them my sis) anyway everyone there had turbans, and they also had them matching their kids, if they had a girl they wore a pink turban, if a boy it was blue! lol it was funny, and we were the entertainment


    very cute

    turbans are not shpitzels….and im not chasidish

    not I

    Shpitzels are a way of having a second head covering. Shpitzel by definition is actually the thing that goes under the scarf.

    Someone mentioned a scarf with hair in the front. That is actually called a “fr-o-nt” must be said with the willi accent. I have a few friends who wear shpitzlech..

    We often had conversations about them being more of an eye-sore than a tzniusdik head covering..


    iwas in willy on sunday and noticed more of the younger married ladies wearing full shaitels rather than the shpitzels.

    looks more attractive in my opinion


    crdle, no… those ladies in Seagate were wearing is only for inside the house, and its called a turban. Its not for going on the street with.

    A shpitzel is not the scarf part of the wrapping on a chassidish lady..its the front part that looks like hair color.

    First you put a shpitzel, which is usually the color of what your hair color was, brownish, or dirty blondish or dark dark brown. Usually made very talented and specially by a shpitzelmacher out of real silk threads. From far it looks like a front tucked in neatly. Or if you’re even more frum and machmir you don’t wear from thread like material, but its just rather a brown cloth that from far gives the look of a front.

    Then on top of the shpitzel goes the pretty silk scarf delicately and neatly folded and pinned up. There are different ways of tying it.

    They cost about $140 and the silk scarf can cost around $260

    After a few years you have to replace the shpitzel as it gets old and used looking.


    smartcookie, I thought u would know


    Isn’t it more pointy?


    Oh- sorry, I always thought that was a shpitzel!

    Oh well, I guess you learn something new every day in the coffee room!


    a shpitzl is a sponge covered with threads worn at the front of the head – top of forehead, with a tichel or hat on top of it covering the rest of the head. An easy to picture description of it would be a frankfurter. (yes it does resemble a frank, especially the ones worn with a sock on top of it)


    “i was in willy ..and noticed more of the .. ladies wearing full shaitels “

    That’s the new face of Willy, and most likley on the outer edges. In the heartland (Ross, Hooper, Marcy, ect) you still see a fair ammount of Shpitzels, with braided double pony tailed daughers in tow

    (yes, I know they’re called p-tails…Sorry.. I hate using the p word)


    Poster- sorry. I’m very Chassidish but far from a Shpitzel.

    Being Chassidish has zero to do with a Shpitzel. A Shpitzel is a sign of extreme Frumkeit.


    a shpitzel, the real reason the woman wear it is because they dont want to wear wigs and a shpitzel is only a fancy tichel not turban.


    smartcookie, you dont have to wear a shpitzel to know what its about.

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