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    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I am planning a road trip this summer and was considering St. Louis. Is there a frum shul and kosher food (supermarket or restaurant) near the Gateway Arch and children’s museum, or is it in a different part of the city altogether? (and if so, what is the name of the shul?)

    I was also considering Mall of Americas if there is a shul somewhere near by.

    If anyone wants to chime in with their own suggestions, my criteria is minyanim, food, and stuff to do in the same relative area as the shul and food.


    well in mineapolis there are two diffrent frum shuls,one is right next to a kosher store and soon to be restraunt i believe. the mall is not right next door,its about 10 or 15 minutes away but worth going to in that area is the big cherry and spoon wich minneota is known for as their land mark!

    st lois there is a frum shul and a supermarket attached to a restraunt!there is a faboulus kids museum,something like the recycling muesium or somethign like that,def something you should check it out!


    FYI: St. Louis Park is nowhere near St. Louis.


    There are shuls in both St. Louis and Minneapolis. Google restaraunts.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    thank you yiddeshemaidel.

    popa – I know there are shuls and kosher food in both places, I just know that sometimes the Jewish community is far from the city itself or the attractions.


    The orthodox community is centered in two places, primarily: University City and Chesterfield. Chesterfield is a suburb outside of St. Louis. University City borders St. Louis City. It would not be walkable to the arch.

    University City has many orthodox shuls. Bais Abraham Congregation, Young Israel, Agudah, UCity Shul and Chabad. There is a kosher Indian restaurant in U City. Otherwise, the kosher deli- Kohns, is in Olivette about 15 minutes from U City by car. There is also an orthodox shul- Nusach Hari – in Olivette. Many people would offer home hospitality for Shabbos.

    Kohns also is a grocery store with all kosher food. Schnucks is the grocery chain and Schnucks in Ladue (which borders UCity) has an expansive kosher section with kosher meats and cheeses.


    In general very few places in the world have Kosher restaurants near major attractions, The frum commuinities are almost always not near the tourist attractions

    About the only example I can think of is Rome where the Jewish Ghetto is right near the Vatican and the Colleseum. Even in NY the frum communities are in Brooklyn not really Manhattan


    About an hour west of Minneapolis is the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota.

    If you’re in St. Louis Park be sure to see Tucker’s Tree House (but you can’t go inside it).


    my pleasure,let us know if you want or need anymore help!

    Dash- yes,but saying the mall of america ment minneapoils,or atleast i assumed it did apoligies if i was wrong !


    Your post wasn’t approved yet when I made my first response. The OP started off mentioning St. Louis and continued then continued with a place not too far from St. Louis Park.

    42 was on duty at the time but was too busy bumping a 2 old thread to moderate this one.


    In St Louis, all the things that you mentioned are available within approximately 30 minutes driving of each other. You may also want to check out the Anheuser Busch brewery(hourly tours on Friday and Sunday), the St. Louis zoo (free admission) and Ted Drewes’ frozen custard. Also I believe yiddeshemaidel was referring to the city museum which is in a former shoe factory.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    thanks so much everyone. and just to clarify, I did start off asking about St. Louis and then switched to Minneapolis. I was trying to think of places that have fun things and minyanim. A free zoo sounds like a great idea, all the stuff in the MOA was very expensive.

    Dash – thanks for the reminder about the museum, I just remembered there are lots of funky museums around that would be fun to see. I think they were listed in my atlas.


    the tickets for MOA are pretty pricey,you can always get the points and not wristbands if you like rides,but if you like there are many deals you can find diffrent places. there are diffrent things to do in teh mall,like minature golfing,shopping….if you spent 10 min in every story you would be there for over 70 hours! all depends on what ages we are talking about….


    “About the only example I can think of is Rome where the Jewish Ghetto is right near the Vatican and the Colleseum. Even in NY the frum communities are in Brooklyn not really Manhattan”

    There are frum communities and kosher restaurants in Paris all over the city — no eruv, though. And there are strong frum communities in many if not most Manhattan neighborhoods (not to mention many in Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island!).

    Other examples: There is an Orthodox synagogue with a small community within walking distance of the most popular tourist attractions in Philadelphia — in fact IT should be a tourist attraction as it is the oldest continuously operating synagogue in North America. There is an Orthodox synagogue with a small community within walking distance of Baltimore’s inner harbor. There is an Orthodox synagogue in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC with a strong community and its eruv includes all the major tourist attractions. I’m sure that there must be other examples.


    I hear that the shul in Boston sometimes gets a minyan and you can go there to see the china used for the Boston Tea Party.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    There’s a website called “Kosher Near Me”, where you can search for kosher restaurants within a chosen mile range of any zip code.

    They have iPhone and Android apps as well.

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