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    Does anyone know of a shacharis minyan this Thursday in Louisville Kentucky? Or a number where I can call to find one? (I’m not asking for myself)


    Anshei Sfard Congregation

    3700 Dutchmans Lane

    Louisville, KY

    Tel: 502 451-3122 Fax: 502-451-3112

    Chabad of Louisville, Kentucky

    3706 Dutchmans Lane

    Louisville, KY 40205

    Tel: 502-459-1770 Fax: 502-451-3123


    wow are there any jews you know of in Tennnesse? KY and all down there is weird. I can’t imagine being down there and religious.


    Scissors, Memphis has a nice Jewish community i was down there once for a singles weekend eons ago i think the shul was the Shimson Raphael Hirsch shul it was a very large congregation.


    First postsemgirl- Louisville is a great little town. It had a lot more jews years ago but a nice community now. The Rabbi at the Anshei is a Rabbi Litwin. Sorry in advance if I misspelled it. A side note my fathers ZT”L family built that shul back who knows how long ago. Some of the family is still there.

    Now for alwaysruns- I was raised in Memphis. Not Egypt, but Tennessee. Anyway back in the 60’s and 70’s it was a very vibrant friendly community. I would even have considered it a black hat community. The yeshiva of the south was run by the Belsky family.and it had a yeshiva gedola, which i considered sort of an offshoot of Chaim Berlin. There was also a girl school, mikvaos and kosher restaurants. Not bad for a weird southern town.


    I know some people from Tennessee. Very nice people but different. It takes OOT to a whole new level.


    The Goq, the shul in Memphis is called Baron Hirsh.

    CaptainTzvi, Memphis still has a nice warm vibrant community. After hurricane Katrina, hit New Orleans, a few families who got displaced, re-located to Memphis. Memphis has B’H, quite a large, warm community. Lots of nice warm southern jewish hospitality.


    “wow are there any Jews you know of in Tennessee? KY and all down there is weird. I can’t imagine being down there and religious”

    Wow, that was a pretty ignorant statement….There are Jews who are frum that live beyond the borders of NY and NJ….

    Do some research….there are even Jews in strange places liike Atlanta, New Orleans and even Mexico!!!

    I’ve had the pleasure to visit both cities on business…both lovely Jewish comunities…


    Hi mikehall12382.

    Let me put it to you this way: If you had to be pulled over by law enforcement at 1am with your yarmulke and tzit tis and all, would you prefer, A. New York, B. New Jersey, or C. Tennessee?

    All them states down there ARE weird and the rest of the country knows it.

    In fact, someone once said that if a UFO landed in America and the president gave the alien leader a tour, they would lock up some of those states in their room, so as not to embarrass the rest of the country.

    Far as I am concerned, you can add Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, and a few others to that list.

    Also, no one was criticizing the Jewish communities down there, which you seem to feel you had to defend as being lovely, which we are all sure they are.


    Thank you!

    I’m not planning on living there. Someone I know is traveling there on business and needs a minyan tomorrow morning.



    Personally I would rather Tennessee since both NJ and NY have more than their fair share of Jews behaving badly.

    You might at least get the benefit of the doubt in the south where New York transplants havent ruined it for the local Jews yet.


    BTGuy, the Georgia cops whould be more inclined to give you a hard time because of your NY license than because of your Kipah and tzitzis. Listen, I’ve worked all over the South and the rest of the U.S. The reaction of an ovewhelming majority of Americans, when confronted with a peyos bearing, yarmulka wearing Jew would be, “Hm, that’s interesting.” The Fact is that Americans don’t hate Jews or, for that matter, like Jews. Americans just don’t care. They don’t care what your religion is or what you look like as long as you’re like them in midos, you know, hard working, truth telling, etc.


    Hi cleverjewishpun and Raphael Kaufman.

    Of course much of this is subjective. But, I still feel the “deep south” is historically then, and still now, more hostile to Jews, among others, than the rest of the country, in general.

    There used to be a famous Jewish radio guy I used to listen to in the car. You may have heard of Barry Farber.

    He told a true story in a light-hearted, friendly way about his travels in the south, as a Jewish radio celebrity.

    He said that one time he came across a very nice, much older couple who showed a good deal of southern hospitality when they went to meet him at a book signing.

    They said they listened to him for years, politely invited him over for dinner, saying they would be honored, and he accepted.

    As they all sat down to eat, the sweet, innocent older lady declared, “Barry, because you are Jewish, we are not having any pork for dinner. So, instead, I made us a nice ham.”



    all those states down there ARE weird and the rest of the country knows about it.

    Boy BTguy talk about weird or should I say ignorant. I lived there for 13 years and will hopefully take my family there in the summer. I haven’t seen memphis in approximately 32 years or so when my father ZT”L left as Rov of the Anshei Sfard. It was and still is a great city. I do keep in touch extensivly. Do not talk about what you do not know about.


    My husband was raised in Memphis. He has been wanting to take me and our children there for the longest time. We have yet to go. Hopefully this summer. We are all looking forward.

    I’ve met quite of few Memphis friends of my husband and my in laws. They have come here to visit. In fact some came in for our sheva brachos almost 22 years ago. Then a few came in when we celebrated my in laws 50th anniversary approximately 7 years ago. They are a very warm and close knit community.

    BTW – I am a born and bred New Yorker who now lives in Chicago. Growing up in NY, you think it’s the be all – end all of places. You can’t imagine a frum community anywhere else. And certainly any place like Chicago or Memphis or any other OOT place can’t possibly have “regular, normal” people. Well guess what! That is totally false! There are many wonderful frum communities outside of New York.


    chaplaintzvi, did you ever m’karev any yidden from the hippy farm in Summertown? I heard that chabad does outreach to them, there.


    hi chaplaintzvi.

    Well, I didnt ask you to take my statement as an absolute.

    Regional differences around this country are not necessarily sticking out like a sore thumb. But, they are said to be there, and not just by me. It is as American a thought as apple pie.

    So, you lived there for 13 years? Mazel Tov. I apologize if you took offense at my statement. That is awfully nice of you to stand up for the entire south to clear up a blemish they do not deserve. lol

    Suppose I took YOUR statement as an absolute and said that because chaplaintzvi had a great time down south, no Jews or anyone has had any problems. No, there was no slavery there. No, there were no Jews murdered there in the civil rights movement. No, there are no politicians there today who are klansman. Strom Thurmond and David Duke could easily get elected up here. No, there are not those still fighting for the right to fly the confederate flag. Maybe those guys are your buddies? I doubt it.

    It’s all false accusations. Let’s change the history books. Why? Because chaplaintzvi had a nice time down there.

    Please dont talk about what you dont know about. Your experience is only yours. No one elses.

    So now who is being just weird; or should I say ignorant?

    Frankly, I am too polite to out and out call someone weird or ignorant; even if they are.

    And bottom line: We can disagree. We should feel we can disagree without name calling. What kind of chaplain are you anyway? Charlie Chaplain?

    : )

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    BTguy – what’s up? It is soo NOT like you to be so rude! What gives? Is the smile supposed to mean it was okay to be so hurtful? Did someone sign in under your screenname, perhaps? DY – any idea if this is a forgery????????


    To chaplaintzvi.

    The above comment about Charlie Chaplain just seemed to be sitting in the wings waiting for it’s delivery. Perhaps Groucho would have written it with more style; I am sure he would have.

    I intended nothing disrespectful and only took a chance for the sake of humor. I am seeing how the written word, upon reread, can come across way different than what was intended.

    I am fully aware that everyone here, whether we agree or not, whether we really disagree, and even try each others patience, still you are all learned people and I respect everyone and am fully aware everyone, everyone here is very special and valued.


    Hi Syag.

    Well, the post just below yours was posted by me before I saw your posting.

    Nonetheless, I appreciate your holding me to a standard.

    I thought my reaction to being told I was weird and ignorant, along with my disclaimer in case something came across more harsh (which I thought was the case, and you have proven my instincts correct) is fair enough.

    The smile was solely at the idea of saying Charlie Chaplain, which came to me at the last minute.

    I can only hope you are an equal opportunity referee and expect the same thoughtfulness from all the posters.

    Are you also chaplaintzvi?

    Chaplaintzvi. I apologize if my posting came across as personally hurtful.

    That was not my intent. I was only disagreeing with you intellectually on how I view the south in relation to the rest of the country in terms of racism and antisemtism.

    I did take personally, though, when you said I was weird and ignorant. Not sure how to not take offense to that.

    In all cases, I am mochel you. I hope you are mochel me. I am mochel you regardless.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    BTguy – Thanks for your post, I feel so much better!! I am not chaplaintzvi, nor do i think a person has to be someone in order to respond. And no, I dont hold all posters by the same standards. I WISH for the same standards, but I don’t expect them. I am a huge advocate of ‘al pi darcho’ and I strongly believe you have proven yourself to be better, so I have come to expect better.

    I think (by way of explanation, not to perpetuate this) that he said “talk about weird” cuz you said everyone knows they are weird. The ignorant sounded to me not to be name calling but rather to address your sweeping negative comments about the south (which I have to say blew me away before I even read your other stuff).

    So, as I see from your response, you may not have realized that your first post sounded insulting and didn’t understand why his response was so defensive.

    But really, I am just glad its over and I am returning you to that great pedestal that holds those posters who try to watch their words and their tone and who try to disagree with civility.



    Hi Syag.

    When were we not friends? I hope we are.

    I am glad you told me what you said. I respect your honesty to tell me like you did. You are right, and showed and expectation of integrity for this site and yourself. I am with you on that.

    I dont want to be harshing anyone. I really dont.

    Thank you!

    And thank you for saying those nice things about me. It means a lot to me and I am very appreciative.



    theres also jews in holland (vhameivin yavin…)


    Extra points to Syag and BTGuy for a civil and respectful discussion.

    Points can’t be used for much (or at least not in this world anyway) but I was impressed and wanted to mention it.



    lol @ *kapusta*

    Thank you for your compliment It’s greatly appreciated.

    And I take it you are obviously not from the South.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    kapusta – Thanks so much! Compliments are worth millions. And I think I have a double points coupon here somewhere . . .


    Hi Syag.

    And thank you for helping me to get my points.

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