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    What does every1 think about the concert tonight?

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    I’m looking forward to hearing the recorded version.

    After listening to the many piece band that performed in Caesaria, I didn’t realize how powerful so many violins at once could be. The music was superb-and arranged beautifully. Very inspiring to listen to.


    I was there, and it was probably one of the best shows in jewish music history.

    The theater is gorgeous, the sound was amazing, the cast was superb.

    best part was v’hi sheamda with shwekey and yonoton rozel.

    took my breath away.


    you people just made me very jealous 🙁


    I heard that they are not making a recorded version of this concert like they did in Caesaria…


    awesome concert!!!

    how shwekey sang for 2.5 hours is beyond me!!!his voice at the end was as powerful as his voice in the beginning. all his songs were great and all the guest performers were great too.abie rotenberg was funny.he described how he missed all his flights that day and just drove to the theatre!!!the songs came out great even without a rehearsal!!the end of the concert was very insperational.the cast sung rachem for 2 of shwekeys sick freinds and by the last medely they brought up some kids from the speical childrens center to dance on stage!!!!

    well worth every penny i spent!!!!


    correction: abie finally made a flight at 6:30 and drove to the theatre just in time

    also ,i almost forgot, nachum segal was a great mc


    I wish I was there!!!

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    Is there a recording of the concert?


    my mother just recently spoke to a reletive of yaakov and she told my mom he said it was his best concert he ever put on,and he put on a lot of concerts!!!

    mod 42-i dont know if im allowed to mention this here,but youtube has clips of the concert up to watch.just search for it in the archives.


    thank you i enjoyed watching those 😀


    your welcome.

    glad you enjoyed.

    YW Moderator-42

    The only thing I can find on Youtube is YW’s rehearsal video.


    all these posts get me jealous


    The reason all the videos were pulled off YouTube was that they are illegal, and are pure geneiva.

    that other website steals videos from YouTube all day long, and copied it prior to YouTube pulling all the videos.


    how do u copy from you tupe i’ve tried with other things not concerts, couldn’t figure out how to do it


    using various firefox plugins…and youtube video rippers like Any Video Converter or realplayer…there are many ways to copy youtube vids

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