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    Whatbdo you think about teachers who track down a sibling of their absent student to give them their hw for the day? I know it’s a good idea in theory,so the kid doesn’t fall behind,but,the kid is throwing up all day or sleeping and feeling lousy. There is no way the kid can do the hw,so can’t we just allow the child a sick day in peace? Must we pressure our children (and thier mothers who are cleaning throw up all day) even when they are sick?



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    I think the teacher would understand that the child wasn’t feeling well enough to do the homework. Don’t feel pressured about it. Refuah shelaimah.


    I don’t believe in homework, and thankfully my 1st grader’s teachers don’t either. I do recall enjoying when my sister came home with my homework – I knew that someone in school cared enough about me even if I didn’t do it. Good luck!


    Do you feel comfortable calling the school and letting them know that she is really sick. You can also send a note to the teacher thanking her for her gesture but letting her know that your child is too sick to handle it at this time. Although you are certain that a get well card or a note from the teacher or other students would certainly cheer her up.


    i am a teacher for little boys and just today there was a boy absent and i sent the homework home for him not even expecting him to do it. some mothers want us to and some dont i never know so i just send it and don’t make a big deal if it’s not done. i usually send a treat and note to say that we missed them in school today!


    I agree 100% after 2 days I hold they can send the HM


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    cofeefan….did we work together????? lol.

    sounds like the treacher i used to work with did that


    Thanks everyone,I appreciate the validation! She will be absent again tomorrow,so I told her older sister when they come to give her the hw,to say thanks,but I’m not sure if she will be up to doing it yet. Let’s see how that goes….


    you never know yogibooboo!!! 😉

    estherhamalka- in my opinion your daughter shouldn’t do her homework… if she is so sick how is she supposed to concentrate? it would probably be a waste of time! but don’t be ypset at the teacher you never know what she was thinking… could be the school’s policy to do that, or she might not have known that your daughter was sick etc….refuah shelayma to your daughter! (and good luck to you!)


    Better for the teacher to ask the parents to tell him or her when the sick child will be feeling up to seeing what the class is doing, and THEN sending a little something home, with the stipulation that using the parent’s judgment as a guide, that the student might want to do some of the work, but does not have to, and they just want hime to get well soon. The child should always be allowed to make up the missed work with a little extra time after returning to class.

    I was very ill with the flu when I was in fifth grade, and missed a couple of weeks of school. My Limudei Kodesh teacher used to give us a Chumash words quiz every single day. We had to learn a list of 20 Torah words and their definitions, and if we got one wrong it was no problem, but if we got two wrong, we had to write the word and its definition twice, three times for three and so on and bring it back the next day. When I came back to school, I was expected to take the test as always, and I had been so sick that I really could not study properly, though I did try very hard. Normally, I was an Aleph plus student, but on this test I got 8 words wrong out of the 20,one of them having a four line definition.

    I will never forget this, because it occurred in early November, and I was up SO late doing the work, writing pages and pages of translated words, that I saw the election results come in for Election Day. My parents had wanted me to stop at one point and go to bed, but I was determined to finish, and I did.

    IMO, the absolute best thing is to have the class send home a get well card made in class and signed by all, to a child who is going to be out for more than a couple of days. The homework can wait.


    The HW was obviously not given if she is not up to it. However if she wasn’t feeling well during the day, and at night she is feeling better then why not do it.


    I don’t think the teacher actually meant for her to do the homework, just for her (or for the parent – depending the age) to see what was learnt in class that day.


    I usually call the ” sick kid” home and check about his health, homework can wait…

    always here

    umm~ I’d agree with your assessment.

    refuah sheleima b’karov to all!



    Well,she didnt throw up again,and actually ate half a breadstick,and has 100.0! Yay! hopefully she can go tomorrow! We will attempt to look at the hw that was sent home yesterday soon…

    Uh-oh….there are 2 tests coming up on Wed. and Fri…..

    Now what do we do?….and this is only english stuff,hebrew didnt send home,and hebrew is not my daughters best subject.

    I think I need to have her hebrew hw sent home as I really dont need her falling behind. This is ridiculous,the kid cant be sick for a copule of days in peace?

    It wasnt like that when I was young. We didnt worry about missing and falling behind. School is so pressured these days…

    Im just ranting,dont listen to me….

    always here

    estherhamalka~ vent & rant away… we’re listening & here for you! your rachmonus for your child is what makes you a Mom 🙂


    Why do you assume the teacher sent the HW as a must do? Perhaps teacher sent it as a way to keep you informed what was covered. Would you prefer the teacher sent her notes instead? Dont take it so personally.

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