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    anyone else feel like lakewood businesses are totally taking advantage of the huge amount of women desperate for a job? I have 1 week vacation, no holidays and the absolutely least amount possible of jewish holidays off. The attitude there is if you don’t like it then leave because there is 10 girls who would be happy to have your job.

    frustrated in overpopulated, underemployed lakewood

    just me

    I feel bad for you but this is not only in Lakewood. I’m assuming you are a young kollel wife so you are young and probably idealistic. This is reality: In life, you will find some bosses like yours. They might be in Lakewood or in Brooklyn or in Manhattan. They are people who might be nice to socialize with but not to work for. On the other hand, you will find some bosses in Lakewood, Brooklyn or Manhattan or any other place who are nice people who realize that we are in this world to do what will give the Rebonon Shel Olam nachas. You don’t like this job? Find another one and ask about the boss before you take the job. My husband has had both kinds of bosses. When he was looking for a job this time, he spent time asking about the boss just as one would ask about a shiduch (but we didn’t care about the tablecloths). He is now very happy with his job.

    Good luck.


    why not find another position?


    Check the BP, I see numerous job offers there all the time. If you’re getting paid well, (or at least enough to pay some bills), getting medical insurance, or you like the people who work there and the job it self, then it probably wouldn’t be that easy to quit. I used to work for a boss who mentally abused his workers, but most of us couldn’t leave because we needed the money to pay our bills, so they stuck around, while i bounced (i didn’t want to be arrested due to the fact that i knew if he blew one more fuse in my head that i would send him to the er… YIKES). I switched jobs, got paid a little less, but my bosses were amazing to me, the people there were incredible, i enjoyed that job immensely. Don’t feel too bad about your vacation days, my hubby doesn’t get off for jewish holidays so all of his vacation/personal days have to be taken then, and yes 8 days a year he gets legal holidays off, but the work load he has the day after is exhausting (because half the office call out “sick.” I’m always seeing job fairs, maybe spread the word and make a jewish version of it. I know what you’re going through, I feel your pain and frustration, because it is a tough market out there. People should know, that yes you may get turned down for a job once, twice, or more, but you have to be adamant, and not give up looking. Keep your head up high. Good Luck to All Seeking Employment!


    I can relate to what you’re saying… At my first job our office manager was out to make us miserable, & all 6 of us ended up leaving within the year. When I looked for my second job, the 1st thing I inquired about, was if the boss is nice. Some ppl. don’t care, as long as they come home with a fat check, but for me working 9-5 under a decent person outweighed the other factors.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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