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    Covid was overplayed
    The shots were ineffective
    Lockdowns were useless
    The borders need to be closed
    The economy is going to tank
    College encourages extremism
    Ukraine is losing the war
    The list goes on

    You were wrong, you are wrong and you will continue to be wrong.

    At this point I do not understand the appeal or understand a defense of any democratic talking point.

    I honestly think the election won’t fix a thing these problems are so systemic. May HaShem protect us during these developments.

    Democrats I hope you are proud of your work, we will no forget who you are.


    It is true that covid was overplayed and a lot of “following the science” just meant follow my power hungry opinion but those who downplayed covid also cost many lives. Ridiculous as some of the measures ostensibly put in place to avoid Corona were, those who flouted rules and precautions did die at a lot higher rate than those who ignored them.




    I’m curious if you’ve actually tried to research the answers to your questions

    Covid was overplayed – Was it? Millions of people died because of it
    The shots were ineffective – No, by all accounts they were very effective
    Lockdowns were useless – Mostly agreed, we should probably be angry at the guy in charge who authorized it.
    The borders need to be closed – Border is a challenge,
    The economy is going to tank – Which started under the last guy
    College encourages extremism – Sure, any ideas on how to curb that?
    Ukraine is losing the war – Aside from direct involvement with Russia, what do you think should happen? Also who was president when the conflict started


    We’ve know the “intellectual left” (the “enlightened ones” as they perceive themselves) for over two centuries, and we have never been so naive as to see them as other than arrogant bigoted elitists who desire to harm Yiddishekit. The secular Jews have identified with them and they are horrified to find that that they admired and respected and imitated (“aped” might be a good word) support genocide of Jews and “canceling” Jewish life, even of those that are secular (killing frum Jews was never problem for them, but now they are going after the hilonim as well).

    Some of the political points in the original posting are irrelevant to us (e.g. while Ukraine’s defeat will encourage Iran and Hamas, immigration policy and the exaggerated response to Covid are not Jewish issues, though if Medinat Yisrael goes the way of Afghanistan we will liberal immigration rules in place)


    >> Some of the political points in the original posting are irrelevant to us (e.g. while Ukraine’s defeat will encourage Iran and Hamas, immigration policy and the exaggerated response to Covid are not Jewish issues, though if Medinat Yisrael goes the way of Afghanistan we will liberal immigration rules in place)

    R Soloveichik comments on Megilah that it is naive thinking that world events are irrelevant, they all end up affecting Jews in a major way. R Avigdor Miller writes that everyone should learn lessons from events that are far away. If you do not learn that lesson, then the next event R’L will be closer until we learn … And, at the end, Hashem sent us to be ohr legoyim and when we can affect it, we should. This approach might be getting a bad press due to irresponsible Jews doing crazy things “to save the world”, but that is due to the Jews applying their considerable energy inappropriately. This does not take away our responsibility to the world.


    So, like in this case, the OP throws in all kind of partisan points, without bothering to check which ones of them are strongly supported, which ones are “possible” and which ones have no support at all. I would think that bitter experience of Jewish marxists would teach us a lesson.


    Wondering why only Smerel needs a source but LostSpark can spout all the narishkeit he wants without producing any sources.


    Fauci even said at the end that they knew masks don’t make a difference but the policy was designed to make people feel safer in public. He also said the vaccines were BS. So yes the Democrats used COVID lies to their advantage. They did rig the election by making last minute rules for mail voting and how to count them.


    “Intellectual Left” is an oxymoron.


    The intellectual left is intellectual, just like the intellectual right. But you are all just populists.

    If the border is such an issue, why can’t the Republicans ever come to the table to deal with it? Other than Obama, the Democrats have done more to not allow immigration than the Republicans. Politics is weird like that. Sometimes politicians act in opposition to their own supposed policies.

    Don’t take my word for it. Ask any intellectual. Right, Left, or backwards.

    Oh. You couldn’t care less about anything intellectual. All that is needed is a good soundbite.

    My apologies.


    “Covid was overplayed”

    A million dead Americans is “overplayed”?

    ‘The shots were ineffective”

    At the peak of the omicron wave you were forty times more likely to be hospitalized if you hadn’t been vaccinated.

    “Lockdowns were useless”

    The lockdowns stopped the exponential growth of hospitalizations and deaths.

    “The borders need to be closed”

    Yeah we closed borders from Europe in 1924 and six million Jews perished as a result. Closing the borders now would destroy much of the US economy.

    “The economy is going to tank”

    People have been saying that since Biden took office. But unemployment is at or near record low peacetime levels, the stock market is at an all time high, oil production is higher than any country has ever had at any time in history, and inflation is lower than almost every other first world country (and is even negative for some economic sectors).

    “College encourages extremism”

    Disinformation like your post encourages extremism.

    “Ukraine is losing the war”

    Because pro Russia Republicans won’t support it, preferring that Putin take over Europe and continue to fund Iran.

    “The list goes on”

    Indeed there is no end to the lies that the MAGA crowd puts out.



    1.See swedens response to the lockdowns, sorry I’m not a “medical expert” so me stating this fact doesn’t matter.


    3. Sweden

    4. Equivocation of Jews during the to immigration coming from the third to first world is pathetic, is this what they teach you in temple?

    5. Many folks have multiple full time jobs to make ends meet, immigration isn’t going to alleviate that situation.
    If Trump wins he’ll be blamed once the house of cards falls as usual.

    6. Disinformation is a word used by minds infected by leftism. Sounds like someone went to college lol.

    7.I’m glad we can agree Ukraine is losing, and may they continue to do so. Did they teach you about Bandera or Chelminsky in college?

    Here’s a new one,

    Biden’s mind is gone, I can’t wait for your obligatory rebuttal.

    In Russia under Stalin someone who used the word disinformation would have been a true party man! Lol


    The left has no intellect.

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