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    the song “do your ears hang low” has recently started really annoying me. my daughter came home singing it and I just can get over the nonsense lyrics. any other songs come to mind?

    Git Meshige

    There was a crooked man, who walked a crooked mile,

    who found a crooked sixpence against a crooked style,

    he bought a crooked cat , who caught a crooked mouse ,

    and they all lived together in a little crooked house.

    Stupidity shebestupidity.

    We are better off with Torah Ave or Baruch learns about Brochos

    Goes to show what Toychan the Goyshe chinuch has

    ☕️coffee addict

    john jacob jingleheimer shmidt his name is my name too three four, and whenever he’d go out the people would always shout, there goes john jacob jingle heimer shmidt la la la la la la la

    i know a song that gets on everybody nerves

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Yeah, but they get lots of car donations…

    YW Moderator-42

    ttto Do your ears hang low

    Is your beard five foot three? Does it itch you like a flea? Can you tie it to a dock? Can you tie it to a tree? Does it rustle when you scratch it? Can you cut it with a hatchet? Does your beard hang low?


    how about rock-a-bye baby on a treetop….down will come baby cradle and all.

    WHy would such a song be used to soothe babies, its has pretty depressing and frightening words!


    Little Miss Muffit

    Humpty Dumpty

    And any other Mother Goose rhymes.

    And there are some songs I thought were pointless but I actually use now, like the multiplication tables I learnt in third grade, and the provinces of Canada…


    how about the hokey pokey


    hokey pokey is an exercise song


    same child came home singing the song: “I ran around the corner and I ran around the block…a bakery shop and I picked up a donut and wiped off the grease…” yada yada. while these lyrics actually make sense, the ending “said I theres a hole in the donut too.thanks for the donut, goodbye” is incredibly chutzpadik. why are they learning this in school?


    in 1st grade we learnt this song when we saw a mouse in class. the teacher had all of us stand on our chairs and scream this song in hebrew. I’ll just type out the english translation:

    mouse, mouse, listen to me

    or else the cat will come quickly!

    He has teeth! He has lips!

    Mouse, mouse, run, run, run!

    Was funny, but now that i look back, its strange.


    in 1st grade we learnt this song when we saw a mouse in class. the teacher had all of us stand on our chairs and scream this song in hebrew. I’ll just type out the english translation:

    mouse, mouse, listen to me

    or else the cat will come quickly!

    He has teeth! He has lips!

    Mouse, mouse, run, run, run!

    That reminds me…

    “Three blind mice…see how they run…”

    I can’t finish the rest it’s too horrid.


    Poster, I changed the last two lines of Rockabye baby davka because it sounded so nasty. I sing to my grandchildren, “when the bough breaks, the cradle won’t fall, ki Hashem Elokeinu Shomer al hakol.”


    The dumb song I knew as a child, was marezeydotes and dozedotes. I am NOT reprinting it. And foirget about the fee wittle fishies that fam and fam all over the dam.


    Another version of Do your ears hang low:

    Do your eyeballs droop/ Do they wobble in your soup?

    Can you tie them in a hoop?

    Can you tie them in a loop?

    Can you wear them over you shoulder

    Just like a soldier?

    Do your eyeballs droop?


    Yah we sang that one in school!

    I ran around the corner and I ran around the block

    And I ran right in to a bakery shop

    And I asked for a donut

    And I wiped off the grease

    And I handed over a five cent piece.

    She looked at the nickel and she looked at me,

    And she said to me, “Can you plainly see,

    There’s a hole in the nickel, there’s a hole right through!”

    And I said, “There’s a hole in the donut too!

    Thanks for the donut, good-bye!”

    I actually thought it was cute. At least compared to half the other rhymes we sang in school….


    There’s a hole in the bucket, Dear liza


    And also, all those versions of “On top of old smokey”


    What’s so bad about Mairzy Doats and Doazy Doats?


    Oomis, what a beautiful ending to that song

    I am actually going through a nisayon now, and those words are bringing me chizzuk. so thank you.


    Fellow posters: In Henglish we say “LEARNED” not learnt. BTW-I read recently that the fellow who wrote the Hokey Pokey died. They had a very difficult time burying him. When they went to put him in the coffin, he put his right foot in and he shook it all about….


    Yes, little kids’ songs are silly- because they’re intended for that audience! Children that little won’t appreciate some witty or inspiring lyrics- they like goofy, silly things, with rhythm and rhymes so it’s easy to remember and sing along. I grew up singing “Do your ears hang low” as an ‘exercise/warmup’ song in daycamp- I remember we all loved to do all the motions along with it. Yes, there are some horrid ones, I don’t remember singing (or being sung) any of them all that often. But in my experience, and from spending time with many little children in my time as a counselor, nursery teacher, aunt, big sister, babysitter, etc. etc. etc., the sillier the song and lyrics, the more little kids like and appreciate it.


    how about the song “chester have you heard from harry, just came back from teh army, i hear he knows how to wash his cloths hip hip horray for the army”


    rotzeh – what language is Henglish?

    (also, I think it’s “learned” in the US and “learnt” in England/Canada, but I could be totally wrong)

    Patur Aval Assur

    “Are You a Good Jew”

    TTTO Do Your Ears Hang Low

    (I don’t really know how the end of the tune goes so the following stanzas are each just the first part of the tune and then the next stanza starts over again. For instance, in Moderator 42’s song it would correspond to “Is your beard five foot three? Does it itch you like a flea? Can you tie it to a dock? Can you tie it to a tree?” and then the next stanza would begin from the beginning of the tune. It might take you a few tries to figure out how to make the spacings and emphases fit the tune, but I assure you they all fit.)

    do you learn Gemara

    do you say a sevara

    do you skip through all the complicated agadita

    is it Iyun that you pound

    or is your goal to cover ground

    what is your derech halimud is it valid is it sound

    is it halacha lemaisa

    or lomdus like the shev shmaitsa

    or perhaps it’s the Slabodka style of Mussar that strikes ya

    do you hold like the Rambam

    or the Tashbetz’s responsum

    about whether taking money is permitted or a problem

    do you follow a mesorah

    do you listen to Daas Torah

    do you ordain female rabbis based on Biblical Devorah

    how ’bout Talmud for women

    or an all female mezuman

    can a lady be the chazzanit in a partnership minyan

    are your haskafos krum

    even though you seem quite frum

    remember it’s a bigger disqualification than a mum

    do you consider it baseless

    to reinstitute Techeiles

    or perhaps it is because for your Tzitzis you want to pay less

    what are your standards of kashrus

    do you pedestalize yashrus

    how much money do you spend do you live a life of pashtus

    is it your greatest ambition

    for your kids to gain admission

    to a school a school that doesn’t take all your life savings for tuition

    what’s your stance on metzitza

    or a transparent mechitza

    would you be open to yibum or do you stick to chalitza

    what about the shidduch crisis

    does it scare you more than ISIS

    when you tell the shadchan no is the look on her face priceless

    does your husband put his feet up

    when you ask him to help cleanup

    are you regretting not insisting on a halachik prenup

    how big is your kezayis

    do you go on Har Habayis

    do you spend nine hours davening a day are you pious

    where do you place your reliance

    in Chazal or modern science

    if they contradict each other which of them gets your compliance

    do you create mitzva towers

    by doing your chessed hours

    do you say lesheim yichud before your erev shabbos showers

    did you go to BJJ

    because of what people would say

    when they see it emphasized on your shidduch resume

    if Brooklyn is your home

    do you say Shabbat Shalom

    or do you refuse to acknowledge the sanctity of the yom

    divine omniscience and bechira

    how do you resolve the stira

    and I need to know if you rely on the heter mechira

    would you go to a casino

    did you boycott Borsalino

    what’s your Jewish perspective on the paradoxes of Zeno

    are you a Zionist

    or Yeshivish with a twist

    Hallel on Yom Ha’atzmaut I think you get the gist


    LOL PAA to borrow sirvoddmort’s word “Brilliant”!!!

    Patur Aval Assur

    Thank you cozimjewish. Here is part two:

    do you like Miami’s Revach

    do you prefer Shwekey’s Shevach

    and the most important question do you go away for Pesach

    on Purim are you rated

    as beyond intoxicated

    while you vomit all over a girl you previously dated

    do you think there is a niche

    for the famous KosherSwitch

    or was it just a scam designed to make somebody get quite rich

    is it only during adar

    when your sense of humor’s hotter

    that you spend so many hours darshening on Harry Potter

    what about tznius today

    does it require a “mayday”

    or is it just a little problem that is soon to fade away

    secular education

    and college matriculation

    are they something positive or just a Torah deviation

    Is the greatest of all wrongs

    to listen to nonjewish songs

    and does it make a difference if it’s just a bunch of singalongs

    would you still respect your mom

    even if she ate chalav stam

    does your tefillin order follow Rashi or Rabbeinu Tam

    do you stand on your raglayim

    for your kiddush club lechayim

    but immediately sit for “Avinu Shebashamyim” (the prayer, not God)

    do you think there is a hiddur

    in davening from a siddur

    except if it’s on a smartphone in which case you get quite bitter

    Patur Aval Assur

    Part three:

    do you worship the big dipper

    do you wear crocks on Yom Kipper

    are you one of those who think the IDF is Jack the Ripper

    are you following the masses

    wearing thick round plastic glasses

    is it bittul zman to memorize the list of noble gases

    are you dressed like a clown

    because you come from out of town

    where you can’t stop worrying how you’ll afford a wedding gown

    would you recognize an A minor

    if it was played at a diner

    and who has a better voice Benny Friedman or Simcha Leiner

    would you walk into Ramallah

    if you heard a cry of “Allah”

    is it assur or is it mutar to bake a schlissel challah

    do you accrue big summer bills

    by going up to the Catskills

    while your husband’s in the city trying his homemaking skills

    would you say chas vechalila

    if you were offered gelila

    just because you were the youngest person present for tefilla

    are there sports that you would play

    if your rabbi said it’s okay

    do you think a kosher movie is a stira meenay ubay

    do you want to pull a trigger

    every time you see your shvigger

    even though there’s a chance it will only make the problem bigger

    do you think it’s all the same

    if someone has an English name

    or is it something that is goyish and should be a mark of shame

    have you learned through hameiniach

    do you believe in mashiach

    and is it polite to ask if you’re a masis umediach


    Did you learn that as a kid?


    I learnt how to spell learned when I was a kid.


    oomis and RebYidd23- It’s mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.


    No, the song title is Mairzy Doats.


    I heard that it came to be that way because so many people thought that’s what it was. Have you googled it? I will try later. I must get ready for work now. But I’m curious to see what the original version REALLY was.


    Anyone know the lyrics to the kids song, “We open one eye, we open two, we say Modei Ani cause it means thank you…”

    PAA, great stuff there!



    There’s this song that my girls picked up in day camp. (Actually they each picked it up independently rom each other at different day camps, so it must be fairly popular.) I find it a bit strange:

    In a cabin in the wood,

    A little man by the window stood.

    Saw a rabbit hopping by,

    Knocking at his door.

    “Help me! Help me! Help me!” he cried,

    “Before the hunters shoot me alive!”

    “Come little rabbit, come inside

    Safely you’ll abide.”

    The song has hand motions for each line, and the song gets repeated a few times, but with each repetition the words to the first line (and then the first and second line, and then the first three lines…) gets replaced with “Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm.”

    Where IS this from?


    Part of the lyrics of Mairzy Doats:

    If the words sound queer

    And funny to your ear,

    A little bit jumbled and jivey

    Sing “Mares eat oats

    And does eat oats

    And little lambs eat ivy”


    We open one eye

    we open two

    we say Modeh Ani

    cause it means thank you

    we wash our yadayim

    six times, that’s true

    that’s what every

    Jewish boy and girl

    must do


    mrs plony- good one. i learnt that too as a kid & it is a strange song, hand motions & all


    Thanks seedys!


    Shopping613 🌠

    Parody of the sternerg song:


    I’m learning Torah can you call me back?

    I see all the Jewish girls dressed in black…

    Please leave your name and number at the beep of the tone

    Cuz I don’t really have a celluar phone

    Omg we grew up on the little rabbit song!!! I think it’s more of an country song as when I went to Sleepaway camp with in town girls no one had heard of it…

    But the last line is “safely lullaby” in our version. Than there’s this whole thing with huming thr whole song with hand motions, than certqin parts….it’s an art. Anyone know where oit’s from? I don’t think it has got a Jewish origin.

    We had many more songs…I will try to remember them

    Does anyone know the song about the word that was able to fit inside a straw, and then you drank it? Something along those lines?

    “I said a rick tick tick tick tickity tick…” Everyone must know that one! We used to include the bus driver in ours. They would always ber surprised but would play along.

    “Good moring and how are you?

    Have you slept, the whole night threw…

    Are you ready for a brand new day?”

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