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    Joe Schmo

    Anyone notice how Dov Hikind totally turned his back on his long-time friend Simcha Felder? What’s the deal with that?

    And no less, Hikind is endorsing an African-American over another Yid?!

    Could be that Hikind (who by the way considers himself the present day “savior” of the Jewish nation) feels that if Felder wins the Senate seat, he will be more powerful then himself.

    Your thoughts?

    jO jO

    MYOB? From Joseph? MYOB?

    Folks, am I reading correctly? You are the first to comment on any story with the most ridiculous postings on YWN history.

    And you have the gall to say “MYOB”?

    What a hypocrite.


    Whats the saying from P1A?

    Loshon hora lemonade…

    Are you trying to be Hillel and bring about Shalom (not to c’v impugn there is any lack of shalom)? If so Hatzlocho Raba. But the tone of the first post CLEARLY is anything but. So MYOB.


    I second MYOB


    actually, people this is not loshen hora, as both people are public figures, and technically it is nogeyah, as elections for these people is this tuesday. so joseph and zalmen, the pre1a chants will have to wait for other posts.


    The Baalei Loshon Hora are expert on “matiring” loshon hora. When someone starts telling you what a “mitzvah” it is to talk about someone or some machlokes, you know to run.


    It’s unfortunate; these guys start out lishma but end up following the green and the kavod.

    Baruch Hashem a decent fellow like Noach Dear got out of the politics garbage and is now a judge.

    Hikind has long ago left for the green and Felder is for the birds…er…pidgins.


    zalman, its clear and befeirish chofetz chaim, if it is public and necessary it is not loshen hora. all the person asked was what the deal was that they are each backing someone else for his job, and that hikind is not backing felder, his previous heir apparent. there is nothing wrong with taht at all. they are public figures, asking the community to trust them. there is absolutely no halachic problem, as long as names, and personal attacks dont come into the mix.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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