Simcha Felder vs Dov Hikind? What’s The Deal?

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    Joe Schmo

    joe, its called politics. it is a very weird culture. they supposedly had a small falling out a while back, but that is truly not the reason. dov DID back simcha, when simcha announced he was running for comptroller. at the time dov already backed another person, who happens to be black. being black doesn’t mean that he is no good, look at ed towns. he is arguably one of the biggest friends we have in govt today! the real question is, how are rabbonim not backing simcha? they have no political allegiances, and none of them publicy backed anyone yet. remember this, it is all about the money! this is not the only thing they are split on, hikind put up joe lazar for simchas seat, and simcha is putting up david greenfield. politics is a weird thing, and hikind has been in politics too long, and he has gotten good at it. trust me, if simcha wins, and i hope he does, they will be buddies again. i think simcha didnt want to run against yassky, so he stepped out of that race, and ran for state senate. if he wins, it will be great, as hes more authentic then silver any day of the week, and he stands on his principles, which silver doesnt. but the other guy running will be good for us as well. dont think he is an anti semite just because he is black. hikind is not crazy to support this guy. had simcha stayed in the comptroller race, he probably would have backed this guy as well.

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