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    When people post on only simchas using the user name, MAzel Tov…

    it makes me think it’s the chassan and kallah themselves trying to make themselves look more popular… especially when there’s like 6 mazel tov usernames on one page!! It kinda cracks me Up!!

    IDk… What are your thoughts on this…

    I knnow some people don’t want the world to know that they are on the internet or it’s for Tzniut reasons they don’t want the guys friends to see what they are posting to the kallah.. or they are writing afew inside jokes… to show the rest of the world for the shtick of it.. let’s not go into that… but to have more than 6 users with wierd titles is more sus…. —end of rant—

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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