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    Hi everyone.
    Actually American Whisky (e.g. bourbon) is unfortunately potentially problematic.
    Many of the American distilleries were founded by and are owned by Jews. I read a fascinating article. When they came over to this country they found that many industries were closed to them. So they opened distilleries. Many of the very Southern, non-Jewish sounding distilleries are actually owned by Jews but the names of the distilleries and whiskies sound southern and non-Jewish for marketing (of course!). It turns out many are family owned and do not sell for Pesach. So many American whiskies that should be kosher are in fact not permitted. Sad but true!


    What is the name of the Scotch made with barrels from Israel ?


    Uhhhh. Not sure what to say. Maybe read the Chazal that all avodah Zoran was uprooted and no longer exists?

    The halachos and gezeiros relating to idolaters seem to have been extended to apply to non-Jews in general, even if they’re not literally idolaters.


    Also regarding johnnie walker – blended scotches are
    Mostly made from grain alcohol with aged Scotch whisky only a smaller portion. Johnnie walker green is a blended malt meaning it is made All from Scotch. Their others are ended whisky which means mostly grain alcohol. The grain alcohol is not aged in former wine barrels so I suspect blended would have less problems.


    Petition for the right to make your own whiskey.

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)
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