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    ☕️coffee addict

    Democrats, are you happy that your administration sits on information until it’s politically convenient for them to release it?


    The Democratic Party of 2023 is not the same party as the Democratic Party of 1963.

    The Democratic Party of 1963 was real Democrats.

    The Democratic Party of 2023 is Socialists and Radical-Leftist Progressives and Muslims.

    The Democratic Party of 1963 was pro-Israel.

    The Democratic Party of 2023 is hostile to the Jewish State, and hostile to Traditional Judaism, and hostile to Traditional Jews, and hostile to American Jews.

    The Democratic Party of 1963 was pro-American and loyal to America.

    The Democratic Party of 2023 is anti-American and hates America, and wants to destroy all of Western Civilization, especially America and its allies, and White People [which includes Jews].


    The democrats want to change this free country into a communist country like China and take away all our freedoms and rites.

    Don’t let it come to that and only vote for Republican

    ☕️coffee addict

    Well our resident demmies don’t have a reply, I guess they agree with my statement and it’s only a problem when it’s “Orange man” that is painted in a bad light but when the shoe is on the other foot it’s totally acceptable

    Hypocritical much?


    I seriously doubt that Pres. Obama actually gave Joe classified information. Possibly Obama declassified them in his mind before giving them to Joe. (It will be fun when he is called to testify on that). Or, more likely, it was disinformation that was used to make it to Hunter and then to his Russian and Chinese employers.

    Possibly it was something that caused Putin believe that he can win over Ukraine and provoked him into a hasty action. Like results of Joe’s IQ test. That’s it. That was the secret.



    It is not worth responding to a thread when you do not regret or even acknowledge your own hypocrisy.
    Posts like square root’s also don’t add to the seriousness of the topic.

    ☕️coffee addict

    And to stick it to the dems

    The reason there was no red wave wasn’t because of trump it was because the doj and fbi likes to hide critical information right before an election

    ☕️coffee addict

    Jackk hit the nail on the head
    He doesn’t (they don’t) acknowledge or regret their own hypocrisy


    After 4 years of an idiot in the oval office tearing up classified documents, stuffing them into the toilet, blabbering classified info to foreign officials to impress them and hiding dozens of boxes including classified info in a storage room at a country club, Biden’s dumb responses to his own meshguas and the Dem’s pattern of dribbling out embarrassing information just seems so boring. Certainly doesn’t warrant a response to the OP troll.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Lol at Gadolhadorah,

    I’m talking about sitting on info not handling classified information

    But hey democrats are programmed to spew the same stupid drivel without answering a simple question


    The difference is – people voted Trump in to overturn and fix the system, and then they voted for Biden to “return to normality”. So, in eyes of the voters, Trump’s shortcomings are price paid for dealing with the issues he did (I listed them before, so I’ll spare). But Biden has no other attraction as being solid and organized. Turns out (not just in this episode) that his strengths were oversold.


    CA: In case you are having trouble with reading comprehension my comments addresed BOTH the handling of documents and also the subsequent transparency issue. Specifically, I noted that Dems routinely worsen whatever “XXX-Gate” they’ve found themselves in by “dribbling out” information and letting a 72 hours news cycle story remain in the spotlight for weeks or longer (e.g. the Clinton email issues which are still dredged up in a “she did it too”) I think the most recent Biden stuff is a really stupid unforced error compounded by his even more stupid “how could he” comments about Trump, followed by daily disclosures of 3 more pages, 5 more pages, etc.

    ☕️coffee addict

    And Gadolhadorah,

    If I’m “trolling” I wonder what being upset about “Orange man” for four years


    The cathedral is done with Biden, it’s time to tarnish his name throw him under the bus and begin supporting another useful stooge.

    It’s almost an act of kindness at this point to put the old stool pigeon out to pasture. I hope for an even harder core leftist with vigilance takes his place so we can be forced to draw even harder lines in this country. Assimilation is getting worse by the second.

    ☕️coffee addict


    They knew about it before the election, shkoyach they’re dribbling it out now people will forget about it come November (either this one or next) whereas when something happened to trump you had “whistleblowers” left and right and things were even whistleblowed falsely just to smear trump

    ☕️coffee addict

    And Gadolhadorah

    So I can spell it out in clearer terms for those with reading comprehension problems


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