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    Sender Av

    Know any ?



    Dr. Pepper

    In the iconic photograph from the Six Day War, three paratroopers are standing with their backs to the Kosel looking upwards.

    The middle paratrooper, Yitzak Yifat (now a surgeon), had an open miracle happen just moments earlier.

    During the fighting in the extreme confines of the Old City streets, a fellow soldier was shot at point blank. Yifat, seeing that the Jordanian soldier was about to finish his friend off, emptied his gun at that Jordanian soldier and eliminated him.

    Another Jordanian Soldier who witnessed this and realized that Yifat was out of ammunition charged him and tried to kill him. Yifat quickly grabbed the enemy’s gun and killed him with it.


    Dr. Pepper: While that is a miracle, even soldiers from non-Jewish armies have similar stories. How about the story about how Rav Goren and his driver took Chevron?


    I always wanted a book that relived the miracles of those wars, while eliminating the kochi v’otzem yadi aspect. I wish there were some….Just imagine what it allows us to do today. Chasdei Hashem!!


    Itche-why don’t you tell us the story?!

    Sender Av

    tikkun, you want to share?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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