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    Do you ever get a “sixth sense” of something that ultimately bears out to be correct? I often do. And I’m not specifically referring to an intellectual deducement. Even a random thing that there is no logical explanation how you sensed it would happen in advance.


    Hi hershi.

    I know exactly what you mean.

    There are times where this ability is very strong and I have witnesses to me saying something and the person is amazed that I mentioned that for a variety of reasons.

    I call it “vibing” and I have it stronger with some people than others, as well, but rarer, with societal events.

    I have often said, and this may apply to you, I am not sure what it’s purpose is. It is not strong enough to make a living at it. lol Nor is it strong enough to pick winning lottery numbers, although I did once get 5 out a 6 pick six numbers and was surprised how small a payment it was.


    I do too. It’s called Ruach Hakodesh. People are not supposed to know I possess it. Deep down I’m really an ‘anav’.


    i like apple cinnamon donuts.


    I have a feeling not too many people have a sixth sense.


    BTGuy, then it must be a five out of six chance that you are correct.

    Ken Zayn

    I have a feeling not too many people have a sixth sense

    You’re correct. Too many people have no sense at all.


    You see dead people?


    yes sometimes 6th sense is the gut feeling you get when you feel something is REALLY wrong or good

    i got that when my friend got engaged, she got divorced last week

    pascha bchochma

    Yep but I have really strong intuition and that’s what it really is. Like if someone near me has a toothache, I’ll start to feel it too. The more strongly connected I am emotionally to that person, the stronger it is.

    I’ll have to marry someone who is mostly happy and takes care of themselves – I can’t seem to ignore minor things like headaches the way others do.

    Sometimes it works in my favor, because I try to make people comfortable and have an advantage if I can intuit what’s bothering them.


    Anyone can see dead people by becoming a mortician. That’s not a sixth sense.

    BT Guy- vibing means acting like a woman. In english the word is effeminate. The word you probably were looking for is “shining” 🙂


    I do at times, and people who know me well are no longer surprised by it. It does not happen frequently, but when it does it is beyond amazing and always a great bracha.

    I will relate an experience and try to be very discreet about it (v’hamayvin yavin). I work in a field in which I come into contact with women on a regular basis. One time, a woman came into my workplace, and I directed her to the area that she needed to be, waiting for her to let me know when she needed me. Typically, I would not be called for about 1/2 an hour or longer. After 15 minutes, a disembodied voice in my head said, “Check on the woman in (the area where I had sent her).” Normally, I would never do that – it would be considered a no-no (kind of like interupting someone during Shmoneh Esrai). But I got up and went over to her to see if everything was ok, and literally the EXACT SECOND I approached her, her eyes rolled back and she fainted. Had I not been there to catch her and cushion her fall, she would unquestionably have struck her head on an extremely hard object in the area, based on the direction in which she fell. I do not want to think of what the consequences could have been. And the first thing I thought was Thank you, Hashem for putting me in the right place at the right time. This ended as a Hatzolah call, but B”H she was ok in the end.

    As I said, it does not happen often, but I think each of us has the R”HK moment, and we don’t necessarily recognize it when it happens. We are all meant to have a level of nevuah of some type, as Am Yisroel, and I believe that sometimes Hashem allows us to have a taste of what that means, because something good is meant to come out of that moment.

    What most people experience with “sixth sense” IMO, is more the great ability to discern body language and read inflection of tone. Haven’t you ever met someone who looked harmless, but instinctively you did not trust that person, then it turned out he was a Ponzi scheme goniff or the like? Some people are very adept at subconsciously noting hidden signals and vibes that are being given off. If we want to call that a sixth sense, it makes (sixth) sense. It really is more a case of excellent powers of observation.


    Hi HaLeiVi and Ken,

    You both may be

    I was actually just playing on, I ‘have a feeling’ ……with ‘sixth sense’.


    I constantly have that sixth sense feeling and am 95 percent of the time correct.

    If it doesn’t happen to you, you cannot understand it.

    Funny, however, I thought it’s more of a female thing, yet I see from the posts here that the men in the CR understand it too!


    Malcom Gladwell wrote a very interesting book called “Blink” about the power of intuition.


    My friend will instinctively know when someone close to them has passed away- before anyone tells them.

    They’ll know when something is about to fall, because they’ll reach out and catch it before it does. I thought it was quick reflexes, until they reached out to catch my paper- and it hadn’t fallen yet.

    If someone comes into the room behind them, they’ll know who it is- even if they don’t make any discernible noise.

    Sixth sense, no?


    Intuition, is often another type of sixth sense, the ability to read body language so well, that you can tell when someone is up to no good, even if they have done nothing. We call it getting a bad vibe.


    oomis1105-“the ability to read body language so well”

    I once read a fascinating book about body language. It claims that a person communicates 90% with his body language and only 10% verbally, so that if he is lying, his body is not in sync with his words, and when you get a sense that he is lying it is because you are subconsciously noticing the inconsistencies.


    BSD, I think I read something like that also. It’s what makes a good lawyer even better, when (s)he can tell that someone is lying by their body language.

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