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    meir G

    for elderly people who cannot make it to the siyum or schools wishing to participate for part of the program ( as most yeshivas & schools are open ) will YWN or any other be carrying the siyum..


    Is the Aguda broadcasting a live stream?


    There will be a link on the Agudah website but it may be slow and buffer frequently. In the past, YWN has also had live links to the webcast but I haven’t seen any announcements yet.


    If they have a live link, they generally use one of the large commercial services that specialize in it that doesn’t buffer and supports many simultaneous streams.


    Joseph is correct in theory but for an event of this scale, plan on refreshing your connection frequently unless they have contracted for more bandwitdth than any event since matan torah.


    Your funny
    You think there will be more people logging on than
    Election night coverage?
    Super Bowl?
    Ball drop on new year’s ?
    State of the union address?


    Kluger: I wasn’t aware that you will be watching the siyum on a live feed on commercial TV networks like the other events you mention….the rest of us wil be watching a live streaming event which is not exactly the same quality broadcast.


    I wasn’t talking about that either.
    I’m sure all those events are watched streaming online as well. And by more people than will be watching the s h


    For the first time in several years, I would formally appolgize and seek mechilah from Reb Yosef for questioning his nevius on the quality of the livestream webcast of today’s siyum. It was outstanding. Thank you YWN for providing the live links to MetLife and the other simulcasts from other venues around the globe. Among many moments, I was incredibly moved by the rendition of Kel Moleh by Chazan Helfgot and the dedication to the survivors of the Shoah who were seated nearby. It blew me away.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Joe is a חכם

    איזהו חכם, הרואה את הנולד
    And we say
    חכם גדול מנביא

    Don’t cheapen joes חכמה 🧐

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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