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    Why can’t kids just skateboard to yeshiva? Why are people so against it? Why limit non-motor transportation to bikes?


    One reason may be that skateboarders generally do not wear helmets as they are not mandated (at least here in NYC) making it more dangerous than bike riding.

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    I used to be a skater in my teens. Even had my own launch ramp (which I gave to some kid in a swirly kippa when moving from one city to another). So when my son was 11 years old I figured I would buy him a skateboard. No discount store board, the real deal. We went to a local skate shop to pick up a a pro board. It was there among the people, the music, and the merchandise that I fully remembered the culture that went with the skating. So I almost reconsidered my idea. Almost. Lesson learned, don’t go to skate shops. I bought him a board online and he used it to skate to shul and Yeshiva for a number of years. No skater culture, no problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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