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    Has anybody heard of Skokie Yeshiva? What do people think of it?


    Great place. Be more specific.


    Depends what you’re looking for. Like sem20 said – be more specific.

    yossi z.

    I third the motion to be more specific. From what I know of the place, it is a great and warm place. This is talking a few years ago when my sister and brother-in-law were av and eim bayis.


    yossi z – It is still a great and warm place.

    I am what you call a staff kid of skokie yeshiva. It’s definitely not for everyone. The food is much better than other religious institutions.

    Go to there are videos and stuff there to check out.


    Depends if you are talking about the high school or the beis medrish program.

    I went there for four years of high school. You can search all my other posts with my view points and then draw a conclusion from anecdotal evidence…you know, the way all frum people do.


    Looking at both the High School and Beis Medrash. How is the dormitory? What kind of enforcement do they have for the rules? Also what kind of Hashkafa does it have? I heard it is not black hat but what kind of Yeshiva is it?

    Jewish Guy9

    As a current student i think the place is good overall but the rules in the dormitory are way to strict. They make you feel like you are caged up and punish you for the smallest and stupidest things. Its a shame they treat us dormers like this.

    Basically they will accept anybody but the place is meant for more modern people.


    High School= Awesome

    Bais Medrish= Super Uber Epic Fail

    Dormitory= Awesome (other than some ridiculous rules)

    Enforecement= Meh…



    Guess my description was a little too true since it got blocked

    We have no idea if it is true. We don’t publish motzi shem ra, or lashon hara. This is not the place to get back at your high school.


    I graduated the high scool around 25 years ago.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I guess they didn’t teach spelling back then. 😉


    It’s an outstanding yeshiva.

    *They have many rules and enforce them.

    *The rebbeim are all talmidei chachomim.

    *The yeshiva emphasizes middos, NOT dressing yeshivish.

    *Solid secular education allows students to excel in college.

    A yeshiva that enables a father to fulfill his obligation to teach his son a trade.


    Sounds like people think very highly of it, it sounds like a great place I’m surprised it does not get so much publicity if it really is the place that people say it is. I guess I’ll find out for myself when I visit this week.

    jewish unity

    All I said was that it doesn’t have a specific hashkafa…don’t know why that’s a bad thing.

    Anyhow, yes, there is a difference between the Bais Medrash and the High School.


    Skokie’s hashkafa, at least 25 or so years ago was best summed up in the following incident: One year Yom Ha’atzmaut fell on BeHaB. So after Chazarat Hashatz, we said Hallel (IIRC with a bracha), then we said Slichot BeHaB and the tachanun that followed. We then leined and the Maftir was said. Everyone, all the roshei yeshiva and all the students participated.



    Its impossible to judge a Yeshiva based on what was 25 years ago. A lot changes in a Yeshiva in 25 years including the faculty and shittos as well as types that go there…

    In my opinion you can only judge a yeshiva from the last 5 years. Going back longer won’t get you an accurate picture because schools change. They try new things…


    Actually WIY, the faculty there has remained pretty constant over the past 25 years. R. Avrohom Friedman, who was the Mashgiach Ruchani is now the Rosh Yeshiva. R. Chaim Twerski, who said a shiur in the high school, now teaches Yoreh Deah. R. Ben Zion Rand still says his shiur in the high school, as does R. Yosef Polstein. R. Aaron Cardash, a recent addition, was my roommate senior year. R. Mordy Ginsparg, was a year ahead of me. R. Schuman, two years ahead of me. R. Jeremy Newman, the Mashgiach was also a year ahead of me.


    Rabbi Morgenstern, Rabbi Sender, Rabbi Kenzer, and YLC, Rabbi Teller, Rabbi Juzint, and Rabbi Leff are gone. (probably some others too that don’t come to mind).

    If the roshei yeshiva are gone, and your high school buddies are now in charge, that could be considered a fair amount of change.

    Not saying that the changes are positive or negative. But they are significant changes.


    His buddies are doing a great job.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I was thinking about this thread and I think Skokie is one of the few institutions that hasn’t changed that much in Hashgofa over these years. I think there was a bigger shift from the 50’s -70’s (R’ Twerski’s and Berel Wein’s day) but it seems the same now as it was 25 years ago. Unlike most of the other schools. I do think the high school and Bais Medrash program are very different in Hashgofa and types of people who attend. And I have to say that those individuals who are in charge now, while they may be ‘young common folk’ in contrast to the Rabbeim before them, they certainly don’t qualify for the title of “buddies”.


    The place looked very solid with a lot of nice kids but what was most impressive was the beis medrash Mashigach hes young but he seemed to be well liked and well learned.


    Parshaman – Hatzlacha with the choice that you make!

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