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    At “Haaretz” they present a new standard of hatred of ultra-Orthodox and religion // opinion
    The “Haaretz” reporter made a surprise call to the CEO of the Electric Company and attacked him for his decision to connect communities with a religious majority to electricity last Friday while there were self-initiated power outages across the country. “Are you knocking me for his faith?

    Yehiel Galai, Behadrei, 18 Sivan, 5783. 06/07/23.


    “Just a liar on steroids”
    MK Merav Michaeli’s “new blood libel” against the ultra-Orthodox public

    MK Merav Michaeli is fashionably late joining the wave of hatred and incitement against the ultra-Orthodox and claims that the electricity company cut off secular settlements last Friday so that the religious ones would have electricity | “Will from now on the right to connect to electricity be based on the size of the kippa and [women-] headgear?”, she wondered and received harsh criticism from surfers.
    Kobi Uzieli, Behadrei, 16 Sivan 5783. 06/05/23


    Any wonder Neo Nazis love the rag paper Haaretz?


    Haaretz presents: hate-> blindness-> lies
    Spreading hatred against settlers and ultra-Orthodox is obscene. Especially if the hatred is supported by lies

    Hanan Amior, Presspectiva | 19.06.23

    Last Friday, Ha’aretz published a scattered, associative and hateful article for the settlers (“wrongdoers”) and the ultra-Orthodox (generalizing as if unemployed; evading the army (conscientious objectors) and (supposed) “blackmailing” (for demanding to support yeshiva students like students)”), which “both incite hostility And disgust, horror and anger.”

    So far everything is normal. Spreading hatred in ‘Haaretz’ is the regular menu.

    The problem is exacerbated by the rickety structure on which the author, Rachel Elior, bases her hatred, for the simple reason that it is a string of lies.

    Let’s take them one by one:

    Elior states: “The occupation is illegal, requires legal [sic Elior:] apartheid between members of different religions and different nationalities, and imposes a military dictatorship on the Palestinians in order to protect the illegal settlements”…

    The sentence “The occupation imposes a military dictatorship on the Palestinians to protect the illegal settlements” is a masterpiece of Noah with seven errors, because it is all a pile of lies.

    Let’s start with the fact that the “occupation” is not illegal, even if some Western European countries choose to interpret international law that way. In fact, these are “disputed territories” and it is not for nothing that the US is careful to define the settlements as “unhelpful” or “obstacle to peace”, but not as “illegal”…

    We will move on to the claim about “military dictatorship”.

    A military dictatorship, in its dictionary definition, is a regime of intimidation that engages in the systematic suppression of citizens who do not endanger other citizens, using methods of torture, kidnapping and mass murder.

    None of this is true in the Palestinian context. Those of them who do not take part in terrorism against civilians, and this is of course the vast majority, hardly ever rub shoulders with the IDF and Shin Bet, certainly not directly. It is indeed influenced by the need to thwart Palestinian terrorism, but the fact is that in periods of security peace the IDF and Shin Bet withdraw from the area and their influence on civilian life diminishes. In this state of affairs, which of course depends on the Palestinians’ motivation for murder, the great majority of Palestinians who are not involved in terrorism live their lives undisturbed.

    Also, the countermeasure activity of the army and the Shin Bet, which Elior calls a “military dictatorship”, is not directed at the defense of the settlements, but at the defense of Israel. Israel, not necessarily settlers.

    Is Elior choosing to present things in this false way, in an attempt to create a conflict between Israeli citizens inside the Green Line and Israeli citizens living in Yosh?

    Another claim by Elior: “Palestinians living in J.S…. are deprived of Israeli citizenship and lack human and civil rights”.

    The Palestinians are not deprived of Israeli citizenship, for the simple reason that they never held it and therefore it was not deprived of them. They have Palestinian citizenship and data despite their Palestinian self-government, which is supposed to protect their human and civil rights. Indeed, throughout the territory under their control, their civil rights are supposed to be preserved through orderly systems of democratic elections, law enforcement, a court system and punishment.

    The fact that their self-government denies them human and civil rights, including the right to democratic elections (the last elections were held in 2005, 18 years ago), is not Israel’s fault.

    In addition, the free movement rights of the Palestinians are also improving all the time. Every Palestinian citizen who is not involved in violence and terrorism is entitled to full freedom of movement, both within the J.S. and out into the wider world. Of course through the crossings of Jordan and Egypt, but starting recently, also through Israel itself.

    From here, Elior goes to insult the settler community…

    The settler public does not create a reality of injustice and lies any more than the non-settler public. If anything, as almost every Arab will say, on the contrary.

    In contrast to the settlements and cities within the Green Line, which were built on the ruins of Arab settlements whose residents were expelled, the settlements in the Judea/Samaria were established on barren land for which there is no claimant who holds ownership documents. It is certain that Arab communities and settlements were not destroyed for the purpose of establishing the settlement enterprise.

    So a comparison between the settlement inside the green line and the settlement beyond it in terms of plunder and injustice, will not exactly put the settlers on the side of the wronged.

    The settler public also does not aspire to replace liberal democracy with a dictatorial messianic and halachic monarchical theocracy. These are complete nonsense. Stupid slogans that come out of the mouth like foam.

    These ambitions do not appear, not even hinted at, in any platform of any party that the settlers voted for. They do not have any political support and they are all from Mrs. Elior’s fevered mind with confused hatred.

    Also regarding the ultra-Orthodox, “those who are unemployed”, as she says, Elior lies with a determined face.

    The latest data show that the employment rate among ultra-Orthodox is on a steady rise and is currently at an employment peak that has not been the same in 25 years. More than half of the ultra-Orthodox men are not “unemployed” and among ultra-Orthodox women the rate of participation in the workforce is very high, and in fact without any significant difference from the rest of the population. (78% of ultra-Orthodox women work)

    Let’s summarize:
    Elior and ‘Haaretz’ are full of hate. Hate is blind. Blindness is a fertile ground for lies, and lies must be refuted.

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