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    Can a man sleep in bed all day?*

    If he is severely sick with the flu, must he still daven three times?

    What about doctors, athletes in training/competition, pilots, and truck drivers who don’t have rest stops? Do they daven? Put on tefillin? They must have a way to make it work, right?

    *I think we already had a thread on this (my apologies; I did a quickie search and didn’t see it).

    Thank you

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    The man who is sick should do what he is able to do. If he really can’t daven, then he is “annus” – someone who was unable to do the Mitzvah. But if he can at least daven the minimum that is required, he should do so. I would assume that in that situation, most men wouldn’t go to shul, but would daven 3 times a day. And they probably only do the basics and skip the parts that are not absolutely required. (how much they would skip would depend on how sick they are and what they feel they can do).

    Before someone takes a job or enters a field that does not allow for davening, he should ask a sheilah as to whether or not he is permitted to take that job.

    If being an athlete, pilot, or truck driver means not davening, I would guess that most Rabbanim would tell most people to find a different job.

    For a doctor, I would imagine there would be leniencies since he is involved in pikuach nefesh (saving lives).


    Baruch Hashem for making me a woman.


    I tried googling but I got nowhere; I distinctly recall hearing about somebody on the Country Yossi show who called himself ‘Trucker Yitz’ or ‘Yitz the Truck Driver’. He could answer this question.

    Mods, you’re good.




    A) The religious population is growing significantly in Israel.

    B) There are some jobs that rabbonim deter Yidden from pursuing, due to conflicts in practicing Yiddishkeit.

    C) The nonJewish population in Israel is also growing significantly.

    D) Theoretically, assuming that everyone gets along, doesn’t it help Israel to have proportionally more nonJewish Israeli citizens working in Israel?*

    *Esp in positions where work is done on Shabbat or at hours that would otherwise interfere with davening and mitzvot, and/or would conflict with being shomer Torah and mitzvot due to other reasons?

    E) When rabbonim talk against chilonim about their involvement in military service and lack of mitzvah observance, do they generally mean that Klal Yisroel needs to join them and do teshuvah?**

    **I think a billion people have already discussed this in many variations, modes, threads, and decades.


    “truck drivers who don’t have rest stops”

    Is there such a thing? Sounds illegal to me.


    According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, US truck drivers must take a 30min break during their first 8hr work shift.

    Their workdays are limited to 14hrs, only 11hrs of which can entail driving.

    Hopefully solo truck drivers aren’t taking their breaks while driving (2013 FMCSA).

    For more info, please see: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Lightbrite –

    1. I don’t think there are too many jobs that present conflicts with practicing Yiddishkeit.

    2. Even if there are some jobs like that, there are enough non-Jews and not-yet-observant and not-so- observant Jews (unfortunately) that there is no reason for someone who wants to be fully observant to feel that they must perform those particular jobs.

    3. When all of Am Yisrael does Teshuva, B’Ezras Hashem soon, and there are no longer any not-Frum Jews in Israel then: A) We will probably still have enough goyim in Israel to perform those jobs, and B) Once everyone is Frum, there probably won’t be any conflicts anymore. The only reason there would be a conflict is if the employers and other workers aren’t religious and therefore create conflicts.

    4. As far as I know, the Rabbanim don’t tell the chilonim not to go to the army. The main reason the army is a problem is because it’s a bad environment because the people running it and most of the people there aren’t Frum, so it’s a bad environment for Frum people. But the chilonim are already not Frum so it’s not a bad environment for them. Of course, we would love for them to become Frum, but as long as they are not, it’s not a problem for them to be in the army per se’.

    5. The ideal of course is for all of Am Yisrael to do teshuva. I’m not sure what you are asking when you distinguish between the Chilonim and Klal Yisrael? The Chilonim are part of (actually the biggest part of) Am Yisrael! Who do you mean by “Klal Yisrael”? The Frum people?


    I meant all Jews. The entire Jewish people. Frum, not-frum, not-yet-frum, just-Jewish etc. Following the rabbonim.

    Doesn’t Klal Yisrael refer to the entirety of the Jewish nation?

    I meant all Jews, but I guess that doesn’t make sense since this question is centered on Israeli Jews.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Of course all Jews should do Teshuva, but if a Rav gives mussar about a specific issue, he is talking about that issue and anyone who needs to do teshuva in that area.


    A sick person does the best that he can. If necessary, he can daven sitting down or even in bed.

    The same way that people take off a few minutes to go to the bathroom, the pilots, etc. can take off time to daven.

    Certainly, pilots and athletes in training go to the bathroom and eat, right? What kind of athletes are we talking about?


    Can you daven while doing stuff?

    Can a man daven on the treadmill?

    I listen to shiurim and pray to Hashem on my own while doing stuff, such as driving my car, walking my dog, and cleaning my house. However, it’s nothing close to a man’s siddur davening.

    I don’t know what kind of athletes.

    I imagined a truck driver who had 30min to eat, use the bathroom, and maybe shower at a rest stop, plus daven on top of that with kavanah.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    LB – you are not supposed to do things while you are davening (the regular tefilos) or making brachos.

    But you can daven (your own tefilos or maybe Tehillim) while you are doing most things (there are some exceptions like while you are cleaning the bathroom)

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