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    My son is 12 years old and still wets the bed every night. We tried alarms, limiting fluids, medication, etc. and nothing has helped. We keep him in goodnites at night, so the bedding doesn’t get soaked. Sometimes he’ll leak through it.
    He came over to my wife and I yesterday how he reallly wants to go to sleep away camp. I’m really nervous that he’ll leak and everyone will make fun of him and he’ll end up hating camp and us for sending him (against our wishes). I tried explaining my concerns but he won’t listen. What should I do?

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    Get him Goodnites Tru-fits and have him stuff with inserts meant for cloth diapers. Also give him a large zippered PUL wetbag for the used ones. If he’s careful no one would ever guess.


    We tried the trufits. He leaked through them all the time. He evens leaks through the goodnites often enough, that his bedding will start to smell and will be noticeable.
    He once went to a friend for a shabbos sleepover two years ago. The mother said she’ll take care of him and make sure it’s a secret. Of course that night he leaked and his friend not only found out but started calling him a baby. He came back so depressed and mad. I don’t want that happening.
    I can almost guarantee that he’ll leak often, and I feel it’s not right to the counselor or to himself to have to go through all this stress. But how do I tell him? It’s not his fault that he has accidents.

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    1) Is he limiting his fluid intake in the evenings?

    2) Which inserts were you using?

    3) Is sewing up your own overnight trainers an option? You’d be able to make them as absorbent as needed.

    4) Can he set himself a vibrating alarm clock to wake him up twice a night?

    Of course you’ll need to do test runs of whatever it is you’re doing at home first but you may just find a good solution.

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    What should you do?you should speak to someone other than in coffee room (probably a mechanech or rebbe, etc.)


    I was a former counselor of 5th graders in a sleep away camp with more then one bedwetter. Besides for thinking about your kid think about the poor counselor that’s gonna have to deal with your kid and change his linen and mattress. Maybe speak to a doctor to take care of the bedwetting issue


    The medication “Desmopressin” is the solution. If you tried it & it didn’t work, he may need a higher dosage.
    Many doctors are unaware of this medication.
    Dr. Susan Schulman highly recommends this medication in her book “Understanding Your Child’s Health ”
    It is safe, & effective in most cases.

    (Also talk to the camp mother, she is very familiar with this problem & how to deal with it.)


    Strangely a lot of people don’t realize this still that one of the main causes of bedwetting is constipation. A lot of times this is true even if the child is going to the bathroom regularly. Family doctors often don’t even realize that this is the main issue. I know from experience with nieces and nephews who had this issue and were taken to a specialist. The specialist said that they were constipated and once he fix that issue the bedwetting Stopped forever

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