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    Does anyone know of a sleep-away camp for a boy with behavioral issues, including ADD and ADHD? I’m trying to help this family find one for their 10 year old son as he is very difficult and the family can really use a reprieve.

    Also, if there are places that give scholarships, that would be great. This family doesn’t have money to cover basic expenses…

    Thanks in advance.


    I assume youre not talking about in England..? Cos if yes, there is horizons, step by step, fed, and more really good camps..


    Thanks skiaddict for your response! No, I need one in the Catskills area. Please, if anyone can help, it would be a huge mitzva! He is draining the family and they really need this break.


    camp kaylie?


    Simcha Day Camp at Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway has an amazing program for kids with ADHD called the Diamond Program. They have been working for years with kids with ADHD and may be able to give you information about sleep away programs. I think it’s worth it to call and inquire.

    (347) 730-1166 or (718) 868-2300 ext 208 Rabbi Goldberg. He’s the middle school principal at Darchei and one of the directors of the Diamond Program.


    Is Camp Kaylie for kids with behavioral issues too?


    “for kids of all abilities” 🙂

    honestly, don’t know too much, but a neighbor of mine sent their son- 13 with ADD and shadowed in school- there, and were VERY happy

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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