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    Does anyone know of a minyan for slichos in Manhattan that puts a lot of meaning into it (ie, everyone’s not rushing off to work)? I’m currently davening at a ‘commuter’ minyan, and I’m not so inspired by the slichos as I have to rush quickly through them.


    If you can make it to Washington Heights, YU has a bunch of different minyanim for slichos


    I recently had a Chareidi relative visiting New York from Meah Shearim and he attended Slichos in YU (main Beis Midrash before Shacharis) and was shocked by how similar it was to Yeshivos in E”Y. I’ve never been, but the Slichos there are reportedly very good.


    YU is too far uptown to be convenient for most people who work in Manhattan but I can second the main minyan’s slichos before shacharis (they have another one at chatzos too). The people who are in a rush daven elsewhere.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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