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    Given the highly decntralized market for bungalow colonies, New York authorities say they have no simple way of measuring how many people are returning this summer, nothwithstanding fears regarding the Corona virus. Among the “indirect” measures I could imagine, wouldn’t a simple count of attendees at the Thursday evening minyanim at the Sloatsburg Rest Area on the NY Thruway compared to prior years (assuming any data exist) provide one possible metric??


    You know what happens when you “assume”. I dont think anyone has ever collected data on the Sloatsburg rest area minyanim. It would probably be better to use the Shul in Woodbourne. At least we have pictures from there.


    The trend to own summer homes vs renting a bungalow started about 25 years ago, now about 75% of the people own units vs renting them so my guess is that there will be minimal changes in the number of people going, if anything with sleepaway camps closed in NYS there will be a greater demand for housing in the Catskills,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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