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    I really have a hard time talking to slow talkers. Whenever I want to say something I always realize they haven’t finished what they were in middle of saying and I always end up feeling bad like I just cut them off in middle of speaking. Talk faster all you slow talkers out there!

    I actually had to stop myself from cutting you off mid-post


    Shame on you! I happen to be a ‘normal – to – fast paced talker’ and recently found myself tripping over my words making me slow down a bit. I’m not a slow talker, and i do understand where you’re coming from, but now that this started happening to me, I understand the feelings of the “slow talker”! Think before you speak! (in fact, that may be why people talk slow..maybe try to emulate them instead of knocking them)


    We midwesterners like to think about what we say before we blurt it out unlike east coasters who talk without thinking.



    I wanted to..

    I wanted to tell you that.

    I wanted to tell you that, what?

    Oh, I wanted to tell you that maybe you should, forget it.

    Oh yes, I wanted to tell you that maybe you should have patience for us less fortunate in our oratory proficiency skills.

    In the (very) end, the (very) long run, it’s worth while to hear us out!!

    hanz kegl

    its not the slow talkers who drive me insane its the slow thinkers


    WIY- I hear you , I have the same problem- yes its a problem!

    I never noticed I did it until one friend put me in my place. In essence what we are saying to the speaker is that we couldn’t care less about what they are saying. (its probably a bit of ADD)


    Hang around them til you learn to hear them out and be more patient.

    On a similar note, general awareness notice: don’t finish a sentence or a word for a stutterer!


    Ask them to repeat themselves in order to teach yourself patience.



    I have no patience to work on patience.


    I’m with you hanz kegl!

    I have a friend who stutters and it really taught me patience!


    Why punish others to teach oneself patience?


    I just interru–


    To be human is to elevate thmundane into the spiritual. You are more than a person, you’re an elevator!


    Translate it into another language, like Hebrew, as they speak.


    I’m in the middle of the opposite problem- I talk too quickly, and I have to give a very important presentation in school on Monday. So I need to practice my presentation OVER and OVER to make sure people can actually tell what I’m saying.

    Actually, I have the same problem with people, like if I know what they’re going to say I have to avoid finishing their sentences. I then had a DMC with my cousin who stutters and she told me how horrible it is when people finish her sentences, so I’m working REALLY hard to stop it.

    Whenever it really annoys me, I just focus on how annoying it must be when I talk a mile a minute and people can’t tell what I’m saying, and I feel sorry for THEM.


    wiy- ”no patience to work on patience”

    then kal v’chomer. seriously, get cracking. You’ve got a middah clearly shown to you to be worked on. Thats a bracha. Nu?


    Goq, I’m not sure it’s necessarily East Coasters who talk without thinking, rather it’s the shallow culture which has caught hold in OJ society.

    I once read a letter to editor of CY Magazine, and mind you, that was =years= ago.

    This girl emphasized that she first learned the true meaning of communication when she entered college. It was there she observed with amazement that each person who had the floor, got to finish a complete thought without interruption.

    But OJ schools (as far as i know) aren’t that way, rather more like a circus. The worst part is – that OJ’ers don’t realize how abnormal it is, to chat aimlessly, at high speed, with constant interruptions.

    Did you know that when Rav Elchonon Wasserman once visited Tel Aviv, he held his hand over his ears with a pained expression, because all the honking denoted impatience. And that was so ANATHEMA to his nature, that it actually caused him pain.


    One of my friends is like that, and I have to admit it drives me nuts until she gets to the point of something. But I listen anyway.


    Your pardon, ywnjudy, but when would Rav Elchonon Wasserman have been in Tel Aviv?


    Right on. Thinking the same thing.


    So, there are stutterers. I try to have patience for them. I realize that it’s important for their deficiency that people listen to them without them feeling pressure. It isn’t easy, but I have patience for them.

    Then there are the slow talkers. C’mon! Move it!

    And last there are the people who have no idea what the end of their thought is. I have absolutely no patience for them. Ooops! My wife just walked in! How did she know that I was writing about her! Gotta go!


    Tel Aviv was founded in 1909, but I have no clue if R’ Elchonon ever was there.


    i understand both. It’s hard to wait for someone, I mean a person in general who talks slow, to finish what they are trying to say. But it does give us good practice of patience. It’s hard to not interrupt, but it’s better to wait.

    Avram in MD


    What would you do if someone started enthusiastically telling you a joke … very … slowly … with an unfunny punchline, and then placed a bag of pretzels on his baby’s head?


    Worst is when someone cant get to the point unless he first tells you the background of the background of the why, the when, the where, and the how of whatever (s)he’s trying to tell you.

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