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    Ken Zayn

    I hate it. Really young kids left to walk on their own. Often taking even younger kids with them. Crossing several busy roads at traffic lights on the way each day to and from school.

    Where are the parents? Do they not care? Dont tell me they are too busy – I cant accept that! Too busy for 2 or 3 or 4 of their own children? Not knowing if they got to school safely or not until the end of the day when (hopefully) they walk back in through the door? And it is usually kids from a certain type of school or background, whose parents cant afford a car or a school bus.

    Let the fathers get up at a normal hour for shul and walk with their children instead of hanging out in shul late, smoking and drinking coffee while their kids walk alone! Its such a chillul hashem when I see goyim and irreligous jews giving the kids dirty stares as they cross busy streets alone.

    Who’s with me on this? And what can be done about it?


    It is terrible and so dangerous. Just today, this person i dont know starts talking to my son and saying how cute he is and asking if he’s going to school and if he’s learning about pesach…My son continued to hold my hand, stare straight ahead and not say a word. I dont care what that person thought, all i know is that my kid didnt talk to a stranger!


    Im NOT with you on this one!!!!!!!!!

    while one might agree that they shouldnt be walking alone, it is a real fact that there is no other way for them to get to school(without calling a car service everyday). The parents must wait for the bus with younger kids and by the time a child reaches 3-4 grade, many times is told they live too close to school to get transportation. It is unfair to ask a father to walk his 10 year old child every day when its just a short way away that the child can easily walk alone.

    Im sorry but you shouldnt be judging so quickly, especially if you were never in such a situation with your kids.

    Ken Zayn

    It is unfair to ask a father to walk his 10 year old child every day when its just a short way away that the child can easily walk alone

    Did you read the OP? I’m talking children who sometimes can appear to be under 10, not a short way away but 10-20 minute walk or longer including crossing several major busy roads, and that the child may not be walking alone but with a bunch of younger siblings with them. And SOMETIMES this is while the parents are doing stuff that they could do later and instead they could take their kids safely either by car if they have one otherwise they could walk with them. The kids leave the house first thing in the morning. If chas vshalom anything were to happen to the kids, either intentionally being approached by strangers or accidentally like being involved in an accident, how would the parents expect to hear about it?

    Luna Lovegood

    I’m sure everyone here remembers Lieby Kletzky (i hope i spelled it right)

    while things like that don;t happen daily – thank G-d – it is extremely dangerous for little kids to be walking anywhere by themselves


    Just today I saw a kid, who can’t have been older than 3 or 4, standing all by himself at the corner of a road. I watched him for two minutes or so and nobody came for him. I saw a goy with a big dog come down the road and was petrified that the child would run in the road. Luckily two girls came past who recognised the child and took him to his house. Another passerby shouted at the mother for leaving her kid like that, but she didn’t seem very perturbed. Irresponsible parents.


    I most definitely would not let my children go anywhere alone until they reach an age where I can trust them to be somewhat responsible.

    Of course it all depends on the circumstances: the distance involved, the roads to cross, the local population, time of day…

    Here in Gateshead there are several busy neighborhood roads (not busy by NY standards though, I guess) – for example Coatsworth, Whitehall, and obviously Prince Consort Roads – and almost no marked pedestrian crossings. And even if there were – a significant population in the area consists of not really upper class non-Jews, some of whom are plain criminals and quite a few of them – the youth especially – drive extremely recklessly.


    Ha, I bet no one here ever saw an infant crawl across a busy street, like I saw once in Israel – door was open, kid crawled out – and was not missed til returned (by yours truly, whose taxi almost killed him)!

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