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    Is it really so, or perhaps the other way around?

    It seems to me that while it was a giant leap for a man to get to stand on the moon, mankind hasn’t changed that much.


    In the audio it sounds like he’s saying “man,” but he says what he really said was “a man,” which would make the sentence more logical.


    yytz: Actually he was supposed to say “a man” but forgot the “a” and only said “man”. NASA originally claimed the “a” got cut off in the radio transmission but later acknowledged he didn’t say it.


    Since some of the key scientists behind the success of the moon landing were former Nazis who performed dreadful experiments to further their knowledge during WWII and/or used slave labor to build German war rockets – skills they later used to help the Americans (and then got US citizenship illegally) – should we perhaps stop being enthralled?


    The contrast to mankind makes his intention clear. My question is assuming he meant ‘a man’, and I think it’s the other way around.


    It was a small step for Neil Armstrong (“a man”) to step from the lunar lander to the moon.

    It was a giant leap for mankind, as the idea of any human landing on another celestial surface was unimaginable before, and a giant leap in innovation and technology. (Much of the technology we rely on in 2019 was a result of the massive scientific breakthroughs needed to make this happen).


    As an aside, I believe the USSR could’ve won the space race by just sending up a space probe and depositing two broken bottles of Stolichnaya near the landing site.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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