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    Is it more dangerous to get internet on phone than on the laptop? a smartphone is more convenient for finding out more information about the virus when i’m not near the laptop. so should i buy a smartphone which our Rabbonim say is not kosher just to find out more information about the virus (and maybe a few more subjects?)


    At this time it’s probably “smarter” not to get a smart phone.
    Much info out there is wrong anyway and we need to rely on Hashem and do as much things as we can to have more zechusim.


    You’re going to buy a smartphone for information on the virus?! You already HAVE a laptop. Laptops were made for being mobile anyway.
    Our Rabbonim say its not kosher? So listen to them!
    A few more subjects turns into a lot more subjects until you are addicted to the thing like the rest of the world(besides the issurim available on the internet).
    This is a waste of money and a legitimate risk to your Ruchniyus and real(emphasis on the real) social life.
    And not just you, anyone in a smartphone situation.


    Thank you although i am still not convinced.


    The Truth This Week said,
    “until you are addicted…”
    And once you are addicted, you will be looking at your phone when you should be driving your car.
    Many accidents are the result of the distraction of the phone while driving.
    So Just from a practical standpoint, it is a bad idea.
    Also, once you have a smart phone, you might be tempted to start looking at your phone when you should be davening or learning or talking to your wife, etc. That’s why it is “Hishtadlus Yeter”, and therefore Assur. The laptop is probably in a different room when you are davening or learning or talking to your wife.


    No, you will not have much more information by having a smart phone. The little more you’ll get will be drowned out by all the garbage coming from the same sources. If you call a friend who has a smart phone every other day and ask him “what’s new what did I miss” he’ll probably tell you “nothing important” almost every call


    I don’t get the question. Most people are home these days, where they have a convenient desktop or laptop. I can understand the question BCV (before coronavirus) or in the future when restrictions will be lifted, but not now. Also, it’s not great for your mental health to dwell on our current situation (though I confess I do so). How about preparing divrei Torah for the Seder instead of obsessing about the news? (This question is for me as much as anybody.)

    Burnt Steak

    Its not worth getting a smartphone if your only reason is to track the virus updates. The notifications are nice at first, but then they get consuming and addicting and can cut into your sleep time. Tracking the virus updates in real time can become very stressful and IMO is not worth it.

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