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    “Smile!” “You’re On Candid Camera”

    Not a good angle? Too bad! Nobody asked you!

    Consider yourselves warned.

    I know that in the old days “Ein Roeh” was something one

    believed in, as a distant belief and most of the foolish things you did in your life, you’d have to wait till 120 to be called upon by the Heavenly Court!

    This allowed for those with less Yiras Shomayim

    to carry out idiotic acts, in silence. Acts that if publicized would cause major outrage not only their community, but other communities as well.

    We live in the age technology. Almost every single person has a phone, even kids, and almost every phone has a video camera,

    or at least a camera. I don’t think I have to explain the internet to you, or how easy it is to post pictures or a video R”L of anything, and I truly mean anything online, and within the hour

    this video can become “viral” and travel the world over, reach every country and nation have literally the entire world tumulting over what happened being eye witnesses.

    Given recent and not so recent events including but not limited to the religious appearing jew that went all “Chuck Norris” on his adolescent daughter in public at the Koisel, that is now out there. As well as all fanatic actions that were allowed to video taped and publicized in the Name of “Fake Kanaus” or plain “uneducated in true Judaism” stupidity.

    The colossal “Chilul Hashem B’rabim” That to do Teshusvah is almost impossible for, aside from the fact that it fuels the fire of antisemitism and sympathy to psycho groups such as neo nazis

    hamas, al-qaeda, and hezbollah. VR”Y

    As a person, especially as a Yid, I wish to awaken our jewish brethren to the fact that “YOU ARE NO LONGER SAFE” to act rashly or foolishly anymore and hen chuck it up to an “I lost my temper” or “I wasn’t thinking”.

    We all have to be aware that at any given moment we could be and ARE being video taped, and any action, like fighting with a ticketing officer, or leaving your kids in the car, or giving them a Patch, leaving your child unattended, or cursing out a goy with a shocking collection of Nivul Peh can actually make you an overnight sensation on Youtube.

    I highly doubt your childhood dreams of becoming famous, would be fulfilled. I also think the level of Busha you’d endure, not to mention Chilul Hashem that one can cause, is enough to make you extremely careful if not paranoid.

    Not only am I embarrassed at the clips I’ve seen some idiots do,

    it leaves me feeling sick to my stomach.

    Please be advised!


    Miss. Zwibels speech anyone?


    babyG; Who’s that?


    Not to worry.

    As long as your friends / neighbors stay in YWN, the Mods / Editors will see to it that anything unflattering will be removed from the Web.

    And should your friends / nabes venture outside of YWN, you don’t need them as friends anyways.

    am yisrael chai

    “Smile!” AND “You’re On Candid Camera” are oxymorons in this context IMHO


    ayc; They are not, for in the context of which they are intended,

    the line is used to, say tell someone they were just caught doing something stupid and the camera is still rolling, so now that you are aware, you might wanna smile.

    Though you might feel it necessary to point out that after such a revelation one would find it quite hard if not impossible, to smile.

    Thanks for ruining the serious tone of my post! 🙂 j/k


    “Smile!” “You’re On Candid Camera”

    The way i feel these days.. “smile! You’re STILL on the market”

    Wish I were off already!! pleasssse hashem bring us together already!!!!!! Can someone special take me off the shelf?? I’m not depressed or desperate about it I’m just simply very fustrated!! who can understand me here???


    bein_hasdorim, isn’t it sad that one has to be careful because of technology? Shame on US!! On the one hand we are so proud of our LEARNING, on the other hand we have to be careful because of technology!!!! Isn’t it enough to remember that HASHEM is recording everything and he files HIS DVD’s for your Din V’chesbon after 120?

    Thanks BH for pointing it out for those who forgot “da lifnei me atah omed”

    am yisrael chai


    There’s a famous shiur how we learn many lessons from technology to help us better understand that ??? ???? ???? ????? ??? ?????? ???? ?????? (Pirkei Avos 2:1).

    -Lesson of the importance of time from the airplane.

    Come a minute late and you’re too late.

    -Lesson from the telephone:

    the importance of your words: what’s said here is heard there.

    -Lessons from the internet:

    -Whatever is put out there is open knowledge.

    -Your actions/words here may have an effect on someone far away


    All our deeds are on video


    (I’m rushing, perhaps someone else can finish this thought)



    My main point was that although people know this, they tend forget, to blur it up a little.

    I therefore mentioned the huge Chilul Hashem (something that is very hard to do Teshuvah from) one can make through the medium of today’s tech, as well as the knowledge of immediate shame and embarrassment not a future one, so that this reality would act as a safeguard against the usual forgetfulness or denials.

    Chazal say Rabbeinu Hakadosh as he was about to pass on was asked

    by his Students to bless them, His blessing was the following…

    (i’m paraphrasing so please forgive me)

    May it be the will (of HB”H) that the fear you have for HB”H

    should be as the fear, one fears of other people (seeing him sin.)

    So they were shocked and said AD Kan? such a small bracha? In other words, you are blessing us that our fear of HB”H should be

    such a low level, as the fear man has of other men?

    His reply was Halevai; your fear should be on that level.

    A person sins in the privacy of his home and does this so other people shouldn’t witness it, (That is what he’s worried about) He doesn’t think so HB”H should not see me. Iow, if his fear of HB”H was parallel to his fear of being seen by others, he wouldn’t sin for HB”H sees all.

    so aries2756; I hope this clarifies my point.

    Please if someone can paste the exact lashon of the Gemora, my

    hebrew text is messed up. Thanks in advance!


    ???? ?? ????? ?????, ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????? ????? ??? ???, ???? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?????! ???? ????? ???? ????? ???? ??? ????? ???


    I do get your point and it is very sad that is the nature of people and WE are NOT on a higher madreigah.


    Well, Let us try. Baby steps.


    Just thought I’d blow the dust off this post. Things have really changed over the past 2 years, people seem to have more time on their hands.


    Wow, you’re working on this for two years straight!

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