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    As it seems and as many are realizing, social media has and keeps on destroying the world and minds of society. With all the trending dangerous tik tok stunts that kids think are good ideas to do, to the hatred and false information that spreads like wildfire across the platforms, along with all the virtual “happiness” that people try to portray via pictures and posts.

    We live on such a fake world nowadays due to this, and people on social media just don’t understand how toxic it is or why they are feeling such toxicity constantly as they “harmlessly” check on this person or that and see how everyone ELSE is so “happy” aside from themselves. It causes jealousy,anger,frustration and all these emotions towards nothing but a facade.

    Is it too late to stop this social media mess or will more and more people realize that social media does not contribute to the world, aside for harm, and finally disconnect from all these platforms? Honestly the only thing social media helped was to reconnect to people in the past. But if they are from the past then why reconnect? In most cases of they aren’t important enough for you to be in touch with then probably noone is missing out on anything by not having their profile as a “friend”. Seriously this mess is getting out of hand with the hatred,fear, misinformation, and all the rest that social media spews out to the already messed up world we live in today. So will you disconnect?

    Sam Klein

    Social media has caused so much divorces and intermarriage and made thousands of thousands of people go off the derech. If you have close friends and family then there’s better ways to socialize with them then through Facebook and other social media platforms

    Save your neshama now before it’s too late

    The little I know


    First, let me qualify as a staunch advocate AGAINST social media. The “relationships” that exist in that climate are artificial, and can do nothing except interfere with real ones.

    Social media does not cause divorces. Misuse of it does. And misuse of cell phones, landline phones, alcohol, and a host of other things also “cause” divorce. Perhaps if we examine this, we’ll see what is semantics, and what is real.

    One’s spouse must be #1 in his/her life. Anything that pushes the spouse to #2 risks the viability of the marriage. Here are examples of things that threaten #1 status:

    * Any real or pseudo relationships.
    * Parents and family.
    * Mind altering chemicals, such as alcohol or drugs.
    * Mind altering behaviors, eating disorders, gambling, shopping, etc.
    * Compulsive involvement in one’s yeshiva or chassidus.
    * Indulgence in travel, luxuries, etc.
    * Workaholism
    * Addictive patterns of technology use, including phones, computers, internet access, including gaming and schmutz

    Many of the above are never good, but tolerable in moderation. Others, such as family, can be a wonderful thing – just a disaster when placed before the marriage.

    No, I do not like social media. So many aspects of it are fake. Pseudo relationships, addictive overuse, the trashing of boundaries, notions that every communication requires a response, etc. But the misuse of it that places it before the wife or husband is the killer of the marriage. And many things can be used that way.

    Reb Eliezer

    Remember the Rambam’s golden path, the middle way and the Ramban in Parashas Kedoshim not be nivul birshus Hatorah. There is an argument between Rashi and Tosfas how to place the mezuzah, whether to place it horizantily or vertically. We compromise by placing it slented which is important for the husband and wife to keep in mind when entering and exiting their house.


    Just being on social media is already toxic since you will keep seeing photos and feeds of people you know or not. The question is if there will be a mass disconnect or will people keep saying they will “disconnect soon” but keep destroying their lives and the world with this nonsense


    Social media doesn’t really do anything differently from the regular world.

    Amil Zola

    And yet everyone here complaining about social media is using social media.


    This site is not social media.


    I don’t use any social media and haven’t basically ever. Maybe for a month or so. And yes it’s different than real life since it’s an illusion and much easier to portray a fake life in a fake Virtual world.

    Amil Zola

    And YW Coffee room is not a face virtual world? We can all be bots running on AI.


    trending stunts

    Like phonebooth stuffing, goldfish-swallowing, and flagpole sitting?


    Social media doesn鈥檛 really do anything differently from the regular world.

    The difference is that anyone with fingers can instantly broadcast nonsense to the world.


    Random, any stupid idea is a trending challenge.


    If you don’t think buchrim were doing stupid things BEFORE Al Gore invented the internet, than you obviously are a recent arrival from another velt where Moishiach has already come and all the buchrim lives perfect torahdik lives shteiging 24×7……There is a fairly good argument to be made that the large percentage of yidden using social media use it with proper cautions and particularly for the past 6 months and perhaps for the next 6-12 months doing so provides essential social interaction when most person-to-person interactions are limited or non-existant.


    Gadol, bochurim what? What does this have to do with bochurim? Social media is used by the whole world. And no, social media has barely any positives. Aside for a good way to advertise and connect with others, which could be done without all the nonsensical comments or “wise” opinions from all the gifted people out there.

    So basically you can just have a platform for ads and listings and that would be more beneficial.


    Its a way to kill time that does a lot of damage in the long run. I had social media until I decided to delete everything and block the sites on my phone. It felt freeing until I read that everything that ever existed online is still stored in some cloud of the dark web so I kissed my dignity goodbye come the day when every humiliating snapchat resurfaces.


    @tehillm, it’s a good point that even if we were to disconnect from smartphones, internet, and all social media all the data is still there. If you ever used a phone gps/google they store all the data you input. But that’s the world we live in so nothing to do about that. And it’s a separate topic.

    Not saying to disconnect from ever using a phone gps or Google search obviously people have no choice in today’s internet reliant world, but social media definitely should be shut down. It is harmful, full of fast spreading hatred, and has made the world situation worse including the covid situation. Governments would never have been able to scare people so much without social media or to turn people against each other so easily via video sharing in seconds throughout the platform, of people not wearing masks or not social distancing. I’ve seen many random strangers taking pictures of people who weren’t wearing a mask. What would they do with those pictures if not for posting and publicizing then on social media to “shame” them.

    Social media has sickened the world and it must be stopped eveb though it is long overdue. Yes it’s a waste of time and energy, but the worst id all the fake news and false or half truth videos and info which csue so much hatred and fear amongst people especially this who are already unstable.

    What will you lose by shutting down your account? Your “virtual” friends? Your virtual life? You won’t be missing out on anything especially if most people shut it down which many have been doing recently. You think it isnt possible? True facebook and others have been long running, but don’t forget how myspace was number one and slowly disappeared from existence. It all depends on people’s choice. You are the ones keeping social media alive. They depend on you not the other way around.


    “Social media has sickened the world and it must be stopped…”
    By whom??? Are you that na茂ve to believe that “somone” will STOP a technology that has become ubiquitous across billions of people around the globe and in some cases, provides the only platform for people to access everything from financial services to medical care? For those of you who regard FB or Twitter as the “av ha’tumah” then delete those Apps from your smartphone or even better, get rid of you smartphone and get an old fashioned rotary dial phone on EBay.


    Not “someone” will stop it. As I said they depend on you to keep going. If people disconnect, it stops.


    Without replying to the actual thread (yes, social media is probably the scourge of our generation, Jews and gentiles alike, darn, I just addressed it) Reb Eliezer’s point about the mezuzah is dead wrong.

    “There is an argument between Rashi and Tosfas how to place the mezuzah, whether to place it horizantily(sic) or vertically. We compromise by placing it slented(sic)”


    The Gemoro (Menochos 33a) says 注砖讗讛 讻诪讬谉 谞讙专 驻住讜诇讛
    if you placed the Mezuzah like a bolt/peg it is 驻住讜诇.
    The Machlokes between Rashi & R.Tam is what type of a bolt the Gemoro is referring to. (vertical or horizontal)
    The Machlokes is not which position one should place the Mezuzah but which position not to place the
    Mezuzah so that it is not 讻诪讬谉 谞讙专.

    All agree as long it is not positioned like a peg it is 讻砖专.

    Positioning the Mezuza at an angle is not a compromise (doing it halfway like both) but is the proper 诇讻转讞讬诇讗 way to place it, (according to both) being a peg is never placed at an angle.

    Just thought I’d clear that up for you.

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