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    I’m in the process of applying for Social Security Disability/SSI for myself. Does anyone have any experience with this who can offer me some more info? For instance, how long does it take to get approved, or how much should I expect to receive, etc.

    a mamin

    I have a relative that should’ve been approved right away and wasn’t. They needed to appeal and hire outside help to finally get approved. It took a year!! The point of me telling you this, is to make sure you appeal if you aren’t approved the first time around. Hatzlocha!


    SSDI is based on how your disability affects your daily living skills. The more you and your doctor prove actual effects on daily living skills the more likely you are to be approved. Social Security tries to discourage people from using benefits and more than 50% of the time arbitrarily reject claims in the hope the person will give up. DEFINITELY appeal a rejection if you and your doctor believe you have a legitimate disabiling condition.

    You have to pay to play for SSDI. If you don’t have the credited quarters of work history, you aren’t eligible. If you want to know what you will make once approved, read your latest personalized Social Security report and check the DISABILITY BENEFITS line.

    If you are asking about SSI clarify as the rules are different.


    You probably should seek assistance from a lawyer (or at least a social worker) who does this for a living.


    I’m not sure how exactly it works but the families that I work with (not jewish low income…) all try to get their toddlers to have some sort of “disability” so they can claim SSI for them. I’m not sure why a two should be getting SSI but many of them do.


    Where are you? Is there a COJO type organization in your area that helps you fill out forms?

    The OP sounds honest. What Flyer describes is fraud, and it would be a chilul Hashem except that the authorities ENCOURAGE this in the new Obama America.


    flyer: SSI offers benefits to any disabled child that exhibits severe functional limitations. SSI covered children are eligible for Medicaid. After proving disability the child must meet the formula of: Income+Assets+Living Arrangement=Eligibility.

    SSDI has NO ASSET CHECK. One can own a mansion, a condo in Hawaii, and three BMW’s and be eligible.


    Bear: IF the child has a true, provable, and qualifying disability he/she can apply. If it doesn’t meet criteria they won’t get approved, nothing lost by applying. Obama America is not simply throwing out free money. If the person is ineligible, they won’t get. The fact is more than 50% of claims are rejected on first bounce.


    I specifically said non-jewish – so no chillul hashem involved, if it would be.

    I don’t think behavior issues or moderate autism is severely disabled. I actually don’t understand the giving SSI at all to a two year old. They are provided with therapies… once they start school – they are in specialized schools… but I guess that is why I don’t run the government. If I did it would probably have a surplus not a deficit.


    SSI fraud is very easy to get away with, and there is a whole subculture in the inner city that promotes this fraud. Social workers get bonuses based on efficiency, which means making sure as many possible recipients get benefits.

    The last stanza of the old Creedmoorer niggun:

    Foodshtemps, foodshtemps, nit nor far Yidden

    Foodshtemps mit velfare, iz shtark tzi freeden

    Foodshtemps, velfare mit ochet Section-Eight

    Far SSI darf tzi machen tzi drayt

    explains it all :).


    @theBearisBack: I worked as a caseworker and can attest firsthand that I did NOT receive any bonuses when I helped a former client apply/get SSI/SSDI. Where you got your information from is wrong!!

    Forget COJO. It is only good for photo ops. Beter to go to JBFCS or VESID (age eligibility).

    This is important: If an individual receives SSI, their checking/savigns acount CAN’T have more than $2,000.00. Why? Because the monies they are receiving is from the government. The government considers SSI spendable income. But keep those receipts, as the IRS has been known to audit going back 10-15 years, yes, 10-15 for SSI recipients.

    If an individual receives SSDI, there is no minimum/maximum that has to be kept in the bank. Why? Because SSDI is monies that the indvidual worked for (qualifying quarters)NOT from the government.

    SSI: Social Security Income. Monies from the government

    SSDI: Social Security Disability Insurance. EARNED monies.


    @walton157 – when did you quit?


    Thanks to all that replied to my post. I am applying for my own self due to a disbability that I have. I am not applying for my children. BH they are healthy and well.

    Also, cojo said they don’t help unless they’re needed to vouch further. They said the social security office requires everyone to apply directly through them first.


    Keep in mind that if you DO start working, you MUST report it immediately. They will ease you off and not just drop you right away (they want you to start working after all and not avoid it just to keep your benefits), but if you receive SSDI past the time that your income increased past a certain point, you will be responsible to repay it.

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