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    Please help. Our daughter is having some difficulty with her friends, mainly at recess and in a group. could you please give me advice and guidelines what we should speak to her about and guide her to be successful in this area. She’s our oldest daughter and we are at a loss. Thanks tons and looking forward to your ideas and thoughts.


    I would have her see a social worker, and then take it from there. Ignore any stigmas that you have about the situation. Intervention is most successful when the parents are being supplemented by social workers, and attending social skill groups if applicable. Check your local Jewish and Child family services place/ Jewish Childrens center for culturally respected/ acceptable intervention services on a sliding scale.


    I usually check Amazon and find a book to read with the child to help with such a situation. I’m not sure what her issues are… is she being bullied? Is she a loner? Does she lack ways to communicate? Is she not as street smart as her friends? Your might just need to speak to the teacher and get her to change her group of friends. You might just have to invite one child at a time to the house and coach her beforehand on games to play.

    (I personally hate having to deal with a group… I prefer speaking 1-on-1 with people.)

    If the issue is severe or if you don’t know how to deal with it, def follow snowbunny’s advice.


    try to get her into social skill courses for children. try to get in touch with rivka schonfeld ,( I think that is her name) who has social skill classes for all ages. maybe she can give you info. for classes in your area.


    Tell her you love her. Try to talk to her and be more social with her and your spouse. Children look at their parents as role models. If their parents talk a lot then their child will naturally pick it up. Good luck


    “I usually check Amazon and find a book to read “

    yeshivanet does not allow access to amazon. I’d appreciate if s/o can recommend a book this way I can request it at the library. Thanks in advance.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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